Abdominal Workout Routine Using Kettlebells

Abdominal Workout Routine Using Kettlebells
Kettle bell training is unique in the sense that you are continuously moving with a weight at a good speed so you get a cardiovascular workout as well as a strength and muscle building session. But unlike conventional training methods; doing this type of exercise constantly engages the core which ultimately give you rock hard abs with continual use.

Also there are numerous abdominal exercises that you can do with a kettle bell and they can be combined along with other routines you are already active with or as a stand alone workout. Here are some of the fundamental abdominal exercises that you can do with your KB.

Russian twists: Probably the most common of all the ab moves, the RT's are a great exercise and are easy to master. Sat on the floor, knees bent slightly and just about leaning back holding the kettle bell by the horns you twist to one side and lightly place the kettle bell down without letting go of the handle; then lifting the KB again passing it over your legs you twist right round to the opposite side and repeat. It's a real mean exercise that also works the biceps and forearms. Make sure you lean back far enough to feel the abs tense before you start.

Overhead sit-ups: Laying completely flat arms extended above your head and holding the bell from the horns, raise the KB up towards the sky; then once it's directly over your head lift your head and upper back of the ground as if doing a regular sit up and hold a couple of seconds then slowly back to the start ; repeat.

1/2 get ups: Obviously it's the very first half from the TGU. Lying on your floor with the bell one side, roll on your side and take the KB within your hands and press upward with one arm, then all in a singular movement move your back up of the floor so you are sat straight up making sure you keep the KB straight above your head arm locked constantly, then slowly resume to start position and also swap sides and repeat the process.

These are just a few abdominal exercises that you can include in your kettlebell workout routine, you can do them for a set amount on reps or time. Also you can just do the above for 15 minutes continuous as a full ab workout.

Kettlebells training

  • Russian twists x 1 min
  • OH sit-up x 1 minute
  • Half get up x 1 min
  • Repeat each workout 5 times

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