Fit, Fast and lean doing a kettlebell workout routine

By Chris Rivers

It's no real shock that all good gyms have them and every good instructor can't recommend them enough; kettlebell workouts are responsible for giving you the biggest cardio blast and all over body conditioning that will give you the strength of a Elephant, physique of an Olympian and cardiovascular fitness Jessica Ennis has to take note of; And moreover an impressive calorific burn of over 400+ calories in as few as 20 minutes.

Also KB exercising is very easy to start up from home and the easiest of the unique exercises they offer are ultimately the best and give the most positive results available. As an example the kettle bell swing; a fundamental exercise but it's without a doubt one of the best fat burning exercises available and is one of the simplest to actually do.

Also a huge bonus of kettlebell workouts are the fact that you can get going safely from you own home and lose some of the unwanted flab before you even join up at a gym. Its no secret that many of us are far to heavy but unfortunately more often than not this affects our confidence and we put of becoming members of our local health club as a result. But with kettle bells they give you the opportunity to lose some of the excess kg's from the privacy of your own home whilst increasing your cardiovascular health and confidence in the process; plus they take up absolutely no space like conventional fitness equipment.

But for me personally the most unique aspect of kettlebell workouts is that you are continuously moving with the kettle bell so you are always burning calories and increasing your fitness levels. So for example as a beginner routine you could swing for 30 seconds and then do active recovery of around body pass for 30 seconds; I understand that this may sound just too easy but it's one of my most highly rated beginners workouts being as it only consists of a couple of exercises and as you get fitter and stronger you can simply increase the speed of the swings until you can really go full speed. In fact this very workout is one I still do at least once a week when doing high intensity interval training because you just can't beat its effectiveness in the minimal amount of time.

So if you are still on the fence about using kettlebells to gain a whole new level of health it's time to jump down and grab that bell and swing yourself fit.

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