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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Menopause And Weight Gain

Menopause Weight Gain
Talking to most ladies over 50 you’ll quickly discover that menopause and weight achieve are linked in their experience. It is extremely common to placed on weight at this time and while some of this can be resulting from life-style modifications, that does not clarify why abruptly we develop a tendency to placed on weight at different components of the physique, particularly the stomach, while any weight gained once we were youthful tended to be devoted to the hips.

The reality is that hormonal modifications do have a component to play on this, though the process isn’t fully understood. At menopause a woman stops ovulating, her monthly menstruation periods end, and her physique produces a lot lower ranges of the feminine hormone estrogen which is accountable for the ovulation

practice. Low estrogen has been proven to trigger weight achieve in animals and it virtually certainly is the explanation why our bodies change shape. Whereas ladies of childbearing age store fat in the lower physique, after the menopause they store it on the stomach instead, including men. This leads to a higher danger of coronary heart disease.

On the same time, both women and men have a tendency to find muscle turning to fat as they get older, and the metabolism slows lower. Which means that if you don’t regulate your consuming habits you’ll probably discover that your pounds increases. A person of 60 just does not need as many calories as a person of 40.

Hormone therapy with estrogen is usually prescribed to manage menopausal symptoms. Many ladies can be surprised to hear that studies have proven that hormone therapy does not trigger weight gain. Some ladies experience bloating and water retention in the early phases of hormone therapy but that is normally momentary they usually have not gained any extra fat. Hormone therapy can scale back the danger of coronary heart disease by stopping the modifications in storage of physique fat around the stomach and reducing cholesterol. Nevertheless, hormone therapy has been associated with an increased danger of breast most cancers in some scientific studies.

In the event you discover that you’re gaining weight around the menopause, there are several issues you may do.

- Eat a healthy, low fat food regimen with loads of fiber, avoiding sugar.

- Take common exercise. As individuals grow old their physical activity ranges naturally drop. Work typically turns into less bodily demanding, there aren’t any kids to run around after, we take less lively holidays and do issues extra slowly. 30 minutes of reasonable physical activity every day will help to stability out the effect of this.

- Maintain your muscle power and mass. Employ weights for arm muscle tissues and strolling or biking for legs.

- Settle for the modifications to the form of your body. If you are not obese, but merely have a plumper waist and more compact legs, that is fine.

Consult along with your physician before starting any exercise program if in case you have any medical situations or your health ranges are low. Your physician may help with signs of the menopause as well as weight gain.
Menopause And Weight Gain Reviewed by Katie Grace on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 Rating: 5 Talking to most ladies over 50 you’ll quickly discover that menopause and weight achieve are linked in their experience. It is extremely c...