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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pushing Your Weight Loss Further Forward

By Howe Russ

At some stage most of us will hit a plateau with our diet. If you are looking at how to lose weight and perhaps struggling to push on to the next level, you will find the two simple steps given in today's article to be incredibly useful.

As fitness instructors we know that there is so much misinformation when it comes to fat loss that it's almost criminal. Particularly online, where people constantly have an agenda to sell a miracle pill or extreme fat reducing product of some kind. These steps today are simple, proven and cost nothing.

When trying to get rid of unwanted body fat, there's a couple of really easy to follow steps which will help you get there faster. They are even easier than you probably think right now.
Russ Howe PTI teaches how to lose weight quickly with today's golden principles.

Rule Number One - Snack Tubs Are Proven.

Rule Number Two - Take A Day Off.

Most people fall off a diet at least once in their life. Heck, I have known people to do it almost monthly. There is one reason which causes this more than any other and that is the temptation of your favorite junk foods. Normally this happens when you are at your job and don't have any food with you. The vending machine is right there, after all. We've been there before probably just like you have.

It's stocked with unhealthy foods. Believe it or not, your body doesn't actually crave that chocolate or those crisps as much as you think. You long for the quick fix satisfaction you associate with it, that's all.

The nutritional facts of any of the foods in that vending machine are terrible, so your body is absolutely not longing for that type of food, believe us on that. It's you. It's more of a comfort thing than a hunger thing. You associate it with feeling happy, and you know it.

By packing a few small snack tubs into your satchel each morning, each filled with a small protein rich meal, you enable your body to completely bypass any tendency to long for junk food. The protein will also have a smaller impact on your body cell's fat storage.

This easy trick is usually enough to eliminate junk food cravings at work completely. Not only do you feel fuller and work more efficiently because your body is actually using the nutrition now, but you also don't want to waste food you prepared at home so you subconsciously force yourself to stick to it.

Our second tip is about taking days off from your new healthy eating regime. Whether you want to or not, it's great for your body and your mental state to take a day off every week or two and allow yourself to eat whatever you want. This is proven to actually increase fat loss results.

If you cut out every food you used to love you will feel like your diet is a complete chore. It becomes the enemy. Mentally you start seeing it as a struggle. This is why so many people fail.

Give yourself a break. In fact, I mean that literally. Give yourself a twenty four hour break every week.

You may eat more calories but not enough to wreck your entire week's progress. You may eat junk food but again not enough to derail an entire week's worth of good eating and exercise. In fact, enjoying your favorite foods on one specific day each week gives you a target every single week, something to look forward to. It helps you stick to your routine without even realizing it.

Simply drag and drop these two simple rules into your current diet and you will see results. So many people ask us how to lose weight in the gym and they expect an over complicated answer, but sometimes the simple solutions is all you need.

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Pushing Your Weight Loss Further Forward Reviewed by Katie Grace on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Rating: 5 By Howe Russ At some stage most of us will hit a plateau with our diet. If you are looking at how to lose weight and perhaps struggling...