Top Tips On How to Diet and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

The aim of most traditional diet plans is weight loss, which is what we are all looking to achieve, but how many can help with permanent weight loss. The problem with most diets is that they do not address the issues which caused us to gain weight in the first place, so as soon as we stop dieting our weight increases again, sometimes making us heavier than before.

Top Tips On How to Diet and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

To achieve permanent weight loss, it is important to focus on the issues which caused us to become overweight and make permanent lifestyle changes which will prevent our excess weight returning. Dieting alone is a good temporary solution to shedding excess weight for the holiday

season, a wedding or other event, but for maintaining a long-term stable, healthy weight, we need to address other issues as well as cutting calories.

Here are some important issues to consider for permanent weight loss:What are our habits in relation to eating and exercise? Do we have a tendency to avoid exercise because it is hard work and we cannot be bothered, or have not got the time? Do we habitually binge on fast-food on a daily or weekly basis? Are we in the habit of eating while watching television or working on the computer?

Our habits tell us a lot about the way we eat and our lifestyle choices, and if our habits are not conducive to good health and well-being, we need to work on making changes which can help us permanently lose weight and keep it off.

Do we have an emotional connection with food? Is frequent comfort eating, even when we are not hungry an issue? Do we become stressed if we cannot eat? Are we often drawn to high calorie fattening comfort foods, even though we have been adamant in the past that we will not eat them anymore?

Emotions have a strong influence in affecting the way we eat, and the habit of comfort eating can be a difficult one to overcome. The most efficient way to beat our comfort eating habit is to try finding other ways to satisfy and soothe ourselves and our emotions by other means rather than resorting to food for relief. Once we have established other ways of comforting ourselves, we will find that the desire to eat for comfort will no longer be an issue.

Finally, we need to take a look at our lifestyle habits in general. Do we smoke? Do we avoid exercise or physical activity in any form where possible? Are we more tempted to eat junk food rather than healthy nutritious food? Are we guilty of drinking too much coffee, tea or soda drinks or working too hard and not getting adequate rest or sufficient sleep?

All of these issues can have a powerful impact on our general health and well-being. Dieting alone will not address these issues and if they are not resolved, as soon as we stop dieting our weight will gradually increase again until we are back to square one.

If we are constantly dieting and trying to maintain our weight loss goal without success, we need to take a step back and look into why our weight is fluctuating and take immediate steps to address the issues once and for all.

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