Diet Solution Program Review: What Foods Are Allowed?

By Sam Milner

The Diet Solution has quickly become one of the best selling eBooks in the weight loss niche. It's one of the few diets that actually work. The idea behind this program is that anyone can maintain a normal weight and lose excess fat by eating foods that match his metabolic type. In case you read the Diet Solution Program review available online, you will see that this program helped thousands of people improve their health and lose fat.

Dieters are allowed to eat whole natural foods, including fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, and organic dairy products. The nutritionist who created this diet claims that most people lose weight when they eliminate grains and get all their carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. If you follow this diet, you can only eat raw and organic dairy products. Bread, pasta, sweets, soy, and processed fruits are not allowed.

If you read any Diet Solution Program review available online, you will see that this weight loss plan does work. As long as you eat healthy foods that match your metabolic type, you will loose excess fat. This diet doesn't involve buying expensive shakes or starving yourself.

This diet is based on naturally raised meats, fresh fish, raw nuts, organic whole eggs, and fresh fruit juices. Natural foods don't contain additives and other chemical substances that may cause weight gain, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and other health problems. Most recipes included in this program are made with real butter, maple syrup, chicken, Italian spices, extra virgin coconut oil, rice flour, vanilla, strawberries, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Isabel de Los Rios, the nutritionist behind this diet, claims that dieters should drink half their body weight in ounces of water per day. If don't drink enough water, you will have cravings and feel hungry all day long. You will also eat more than you actually need. Those who follow this diet are encouraged to try the recipes provided, including mashed sweet potatoes, warm quinoa salad, and fruit pizza.

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