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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Challenges

By Trishia Serinton

All women gain weight during their pregnancies, it is unavoidable, of course. There is the weight of the baby itself inside of the pregnant mother, but also there is extra fat deposits in the abdominal area as well, which people sometimes call 'baby weight'. Once the baby is delivered, the mother can have a tough time trying to lose the extra weight. For mothers who had some excess weight before they became pregnant, it can be harder for them to shed the baby weight as well.

Below, we will be discussing some of the basic ways to get rid of unwanted weight after a mother has delivered her baby.

1. Don't forget to stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water after pregnancy to make sure that dehydration is not an issue. The extra liquid that you consume will also contribute to a fuller feeling in the stomach, which also helps some to avoid eating too much food. However, only drink what your body asks you to, and try not to over hydrate yourself.

2. Do not have overly strict diets

Nutrients are passed to the baby through breast milk, so one has to be sure to have plenty of healthy food in order to have milk that is rich in nutrients for the baby. Dropping a lot of weight quickly is also not thought to be healthy, and doing it over time by having a sensible diet is thought to be much more beneficial. Losing weight the healthy way and getting all of the proper nutrients can be aided greatly by eating fruits and vegetables frequently.

3. Be sure to exercise regularly

Exercise remains one of the best ways to lose weight. Excess calories can be burned in many ways, including cardiovascular exercises like aerobics which will maintain muscles and bone density. Exercises can include a brisk walk, jogging, swimming and cross-training. Exercise also helps keep the mood elevated due to the endorphins that are released. When the new mother uses exercise to lose weight, it has the added benefit of helping to reduce stress levels. Before anyone begins a new exercise program, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor, to ensure it is safe.

4. Keep breastfeeding your baby

The baby receives essential nutrients and fats from breastmilk that helps build antibodies for the newborn, and gives them the important nutrition they need. At this time, the full effects that breastfeeding has on weight loss can not be truly determined. Even if it doesn't, it is no reason to stop breastfeeding an infant.

5. Rest is important

After the pregnancy is over and the baby is delivered, there can be more effects on the body that have to do with the stress of caring for the newborn. When a new mother is able to get 7 hours or more of sleep every night, research has shown that this contributes to helping lose weight from the pregnancy.


A new mother can use these simple techniques to effectively lose the weight that the pregnancy has caused for them.

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