Fitness Suggestions For Business Travelers As Provided By A Personal Trainer Santa Clara

By Michael Petry

Santa Clara is among the cities in California that are most visited. It's home to the new stadium which is the stadium of the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League and also for the Santa Clara Convention Center, regarded as one of the largest meeting and conference venues within California's Silicon Valley. It's therefore understandable why lots of business professionals will come to Santa Clara for a visit. While others would stay for only a few days, others would have to be there for numerous weeks and even for several months.

A personal trainer Santa Clara, who has trained a lot of traveling business people, would like to share some workout tips for business travelers out there.

* Pack For Fitness

Before you embark on your trip, call the hotel that you will be staying in to inquire if they are equipped with fitness facilities. Make sure that you bring your workout essentials with you, such as a pair of trainer shoes, workout clothing, towels, etc. You do not really need to bring any kind of exercise equipment if the hotel that you are staying at has an in-house fitness gym. The personal trainer Santa Clara added that you can also choose to bring along your workout DVDs and other exercise essentials that are easy to carry.

* Begin Right From The Start

Start your workout right from the start of your journey. Put on a pair of comfortable walking shoes so instead of using the walkalator or the escalator at the airport, you can choose to walk instead or take the stairs.

If in the event that your flight got delayed, walk out of the terminal and stroll all over the airport, or better yet, do some window shopping on the Duty Free shops. The personal trainer Santa Clara said that these small physical acts can somehow help to make you stay fit on your entire trip. This also helps to boost your mood and amp up your energy level.

* Stick To Your Routine

Stick to a routine while staying on the hotel. If you're used to waking up at 5 in the morning for your everyday workout, make sure that you stick to this routine for the whole duration of your trip. Try to workout at the same time every day and as much as possible, get as much sleep as you can particularly on your first few days when jetlag can't be avoided. According to the personal trainer Santa Clara, maintaining a routine could also help your body to adjust on the change of time and in combating the stress that may be a result of a long journey.

So these are the fitness guidelines which a personal trainer Santa Clara wants to share to business travelers. If you'll be staying for more than a month in a particular place, it is recommended that you sign up with a personal trainer so as to make sure that you won't gain even a single pound even if you indulge on the free snacks and lunches that are often served during conference meetings and other business events.

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