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Good And Bad Things About Weight Reduction Surgery

By Helga Stokes

Obesity is becoming a major health concern these days as more people realize its dangers. Being overweight can make one feel badly both physically and emotionally and can greatly shorten one's time on earth. If you can find a way to lose those extra pounds you are making a smart decision. To many people, weight reduction surgery offers the help and hope that they need to make the necessary changes. Here are some of the good and bad things about it.

Pros of Weight Loss Surgery - If you elect to have a lap band or gastric bypass procedure you will most likely lose many pounds. You also have an excellent chance for keeping those pounds off for many years. These types of surgeries make it difficult for people to stuff themselves and overeat. In fact, that is the main benefit.

Blood Glucose - If you can manage to get rid of 10 percent of your weight you will lower a lot of risk factors for ill health. Obesity is a contributing factor to problems like type II diabetes. In fact, millions of people are currently diabetics and are not even aware of it. Losing body fat can lower your risk of developing a blood sugar problem by a substantial amount, and some diabetics can stop taking their medications.

Lower Blood Pressure - Many overweight individuals have higher blood pressure than normal. This is caused by the extra load that is placed on the heart and circulatory system. Take off 50 pounds or more and you lighten this load and it much easier for your heart to work. This can lower blood pressure so much that hypertension medication is no longer needed.

Self Confidence - If you want to feel much better about the person in the mirror, lose some of those unwanted pounds. You may actually begin to like yourself and this is a great way to start your new life. You can buy smaller clothes and enjoy the latest styles and looks. You may make some new friends and acquaintances also.

The Downside - All things have a good side and a down side and the same is true with bariatric procedures. These surgeries are not minor and if you are morbidly obese you may be dealing with the possibility of serious complications. Of course, it depends on your BMI or body mass index, and your total physical condition.

No Easy Fix - This is not the easy way out or quick fix that some may believe. You will not be instantly cured of obesity and you will have to work at it. Yet, weight reduction surgery gives you the necessary tools for making big changes in your life and your health.

Perhaps nothing has worked for you and there is not much else you can do. As a last resort, you can opt for a bariatric procedure. You will need to see a physician and talk about all of your options. Weight reduction surgery means making a major lifestyle change but it will give you a potent weapon to fight off obesity and have a chance at a normal life that is richer and more fulfilling.

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