Lose Weight By Swimming

Obesity and overweight people are mostly advised to start their cardio workout in the water, since it is one of the best ways to do your exercise without having to worry about injuring your self. Plus water makes you feel light, and it is believed that water has a magical effect on your mood so it is almost like a mood rejuvenating therapy.

swimming weight loss

Swimming can be a great workout if you know what to do while you are in the pool. Firstly you got to know the size of the pool you swim in, since only then you could estimate the amount of laps required to attain a high powered workout. When you start swimming make sure you do not stop after every lap, when your heart rate is high it is better to keep on swimming so that more fat is lost.

Within days you will notice the effects of swimming on your body, you will start losing fat and will go down in inches. But you might not do so well on the scale here is why. When you swim your body burns the fat, but that fat converts itself to muscle. We all know that muscle is weighs more then fat so therefore you might be heavier on the scale, but that does not matter because you will definitely look leaner and fitter.

Nobody wants to have all that jiggling fat on their body so if you are concerned about that buy your self a new swim suit and dive in at your nearest swimming pool.

It is not necessary to start with 30 laps a day as long as you feel you have used your muscles enough, you can end your days workout. But make sure you set challenges for your self every single day increase 5 laps. The results after swimming will not only be noticed by you but spotted by everyone.

Often people complain that swimming makes them crave food more, so a small tip is the minute you get out of the pool have 2 glasses of water. This will cut down your desire to have food and space out till you have your meal.

Make sure you eat a healthy diet while you swim so that you lose weight and feel great.