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Friday, August 30, 2013

The 3 Secrets To Every Effective Diet

By Rey Vetangelo

The decision to undergo any form of voluntary surgery is a major decision that should be weighed and investigated completely before going through with the procedure. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is equally as important and should be treated with the same care and consideration that one would place on other forms of surgery.

First up is to eat a balanced diet. This is a major key to success. Your body was built to run off of a multitude of vitamins and minerals. When your body has its needs in each mineral it functions at its most efficient level.

Doctors and medical professionals urge individuals to first try conventional methods to weight loss before undergoing bariatric or weight loss surgery. Such traditional methods of weight loss include the establishment of a proper diet and exercise regimen and enrolling in a medically supervised weight loss program.

If you are losing weight to get to a more healthy weight for your body type, then this is good. If you have motivation to lose weight so that you can feel better about yourself, then your weight loss experience will most likely be more successful.

One of the first things you should do on your weight loss journey is try to figure out what weight loss pitfalls you normally encounter. For example, perhaps you find it difficult to pass up donuts or cookies at a party.

This is where controlled portion sizes come into play. One of the reasons people don't finish diet plans is because they don't feel satisfied in the first weeks. Dieters give up early because they're still hungry after a meal. The diet won't work though if the dieter gives in to the hunger.

If you find that that is true for you, then you will want to find other avenues to de-stress rather than gorging yourself on unhealthy foods. There are many different hobbies you can have that you can do rather than eat excessive food. A common problem in our society today is the fact that many people want to ban certain foods from their lives. For example, many people think they shouldn't eat any sweets. This means no donuts, no cake, no cookies, nothing that is sweet. These are forbidden foods; if they're going to be skinny, they can't eat those foods ever.

What happens next is the person slips up and has one of the forbidden foods. Many times, that person will think all hope is lost and that they have failed at their diet.

The last step to preparing for a weight loss surgery will be to continue to strive to be healthy both before and after the surgery. While many individuals find their bariatric surgery to be a great success, the ability to continue healthy practices following the surgery will be critical in the recovery of the surgery and in staying healthy for years after the surgery.

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