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The Choice To Be HCG Slim

By Andrea Davidson

Individuals today are a lot more health conscious than they were years ago. It seems that weight loss has almost become a fad where everybody is trying to do it. However, there are some new innovations that are making more people want to be a part of the weight loss craze. HCG slim is the way to be for those serious about weight loss.

The HCG diet has hit the scene and is quite popular among weight loss plans. However, with any plan, it's important to understand all the ins and outs of how HCG works before using it. The true key to losing weight on this plan is to count how many calories are being consumed, as well as regular exercise.

HCG may bring about the desired results for some, but has undergone much controversy. Some experts have stated that the use of the hormone really doesn't contribute to any positive results and is virtually ineffective.

HCG is a hormone often produced by women during their time of expectancy. It can either be given as an injection, or it can also be taken orally. The hormone is also known as human chorionic gonadotrophin. The hormone works in conjunction with the brain where it encourages it to tell the body that it needs to burn excess fat in the body.

This hormone helps to suppress the appetite and decrease cravings. This contributes to an easier route of fat consumption during physical activity. Many contribute the diet to bringing about results instead of the hormone. The body's metabolism is increased at this point due to the fact that hunger is being suppressed.

Individuals must consider that there may be side effects with this type of diet. Long-term weight loss is not guaranteed and it places the body into a state where it believes it's starving. This may result in some serious health problems and individuals need to ask themselves if it's really worth the risk.

Individuals choosing this plan must limit themselves to consuming only 500 calories per day. The HCG product offers tremendous weight loss, but cannot be done long-term due to tremendous effects that it can have on the body. However, a newer diet allows the consumer to eat up to 800 calories a day if the the 500 calorie plan is not feasible. The diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Sugar and carbohydrates are not allowed.

Some have sworn by the product, and have stated that the results are truly unbelievable. When individuals consume such a small amount of calories, the body will automatically start to burn off fat instead of merely food calories. One drop of HCG has been stated to speed up the results. Among weight loss, individuals have expressed that it resulted in a decrease of certain medications, more stable blood sugars, better looking skin, and a difference in the way that they feel about food. Those that choose to be HCG slim, may also be choosing to have a brand new lease on life.

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