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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weight Loss Fact - Three Reasons Why You May Never Lose Weight

Why You May Never Lose Weight
By Mary Tanady

You would often hear some people say that they have given up on ways to lose weight, because they have not found any weight loss method that has worked for them. Some are just too frustrated with the heavy pounds that they can't get rid of and are just resigned to the idea that they will remain fat for the rest of their lives.

It is well worth your time to understand the main reasons why a weight loss method will work for someone and not for you, if you had been struggling with unwanted weight gain. These 5 main reasons may be true to your situation, so read on:

1. Modern living has made it difficult for most people to lose weight.

We live in a fast paced world where it is just sometimes more convenient to eat fast foods than settle for a low calorie, more nutritious home cooked meal. Even our children are getting used to this kind of lifestyle, coupled with the fact that the modern conveniences also contribute to a less active life today.

2. We had been fed with misleading information about weight loss.

Weight loss products are one of the most lucrative businesses, because of the millions of people who are overweight. Not all of the information we receive about losing weight from the manufacturers of these products are true, however. If we do not do our own research from reliable sources, it becomes confusing and difficult for us to choose the right way to lose weight.

3. We live in more stressful times than before.

Stress and anxiety are two of today's biggest factors that contribute to over eating. A lot of people who live very stressful lives may find comfort in food and may easily gain pounds, if they are not aware of what stress can do to their bodies.

These are just some of the factors why it has become more difficult for the modern man (and woman) to lose unwanted pounds. Of course, it doesn't mean that weight loss is impossible in this day and age! It only means that we need to work harder and understand how our body works and to eliminate these factors that contribute to weight gain.

Weight loss is everybody's business, because if you're not overweight, maybe a member of your family or one of your friends is. Obesity is a major problem that can cause depression, anxiety and other chronic diseases such as heart, liver and kidney problems which can all lead to premature death. A good diet of low calorie foods, coupled with the right exercise routine will help you overcome obesity and live a healthier life.

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