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3 Reasons To Start Working Out At Home

By Camille Mead

Beginning a workout program to build muscle or lose weight can be a big challenge for most of us. It can be challenging, arduous and time consuming especially when we first get started. Nevertheless, if we stick with it, the outcome can pay off in the end. The key is sticking with it long enough for that to take place.

Working Out at Home

Exercising at home on your own does have it's challenges. Frequently, we are by ourselves with no motivation from others, and there are plenty of other activities to distract us from our ultimate objective. That said, home-based gyms or exercise videos can be extremely effective, if we use them the right way.

Here are 3 benefits to working out at home that can make it easier for you to get started and be successful.

1. You Can Do It in Less Time

When you exercise at home, you do not need to drive to the health club, a class or a to meet with a personal trainer. For many people, this savings can cut exercise time in half. Since there is less time required, it also now ends up being much easier to fit into your schedule. It's more realistic that you can find half an hour to exercise than and hour (or 1 hour vs 2).

Another factor to think about is that if you just have 10-minute breaks to spare, squeeze in 3 brief routines daily for a total of a 30-minute daily routine. If you form a practice of doing this right when you get up, right before lunch and right before dinner time, after a while you won't even notice the bonus time you've contributed to your schedule.

2. It Costs Less

When you work out at home, you're eliminating the cost of a gym membership, a personal fitness instructor and a physical fitness course, not to mention the expense of gas to get there. Exercise videos and equipment do cost money, however, over the course of just a year there is still a significant savings. Plus, at the end of the year, you will still own your gear, which you can continue using or sell to pay for some of your costs.

You can invest less than $50 for home exercise gear to upwards of $1000 on workout gear. The choice depends on you, but the secret is to purchase items that will get you the results you want sooner rather than later - that includes keeping you inspired.

Some individuals discover that exercise videos provide inspiration through direction from physical fitness professionals that seem like they are right there with you. Other individuals choose a machine that allows them to enjoy movies while working out.

One more thing to consider is variety. Monotony can cause you to lose inspiration, so when you change up your workouts, you avoid this from occurring. For instance, do indoor and outdoor exercises, alternate equipment with videos, combine interval training, stamina workouts and sprints.

3. You Boost Your Willpower & Discipline

There are plenty of times in our lives where discipline comes in handy. For example, avoiding eating a cookie, not procrastinating on a task or achieving career goals. I have discovered that this skill takes practice, and the more you exercise willpower, the better you become at using it.

Motivating yourself to accomplish a consistent exercise routine on your own (when no one is there to check on you) is a huge achievement. Not just will you receive the benefit of a healthier, better-looking body - but it will simultaneously become easier for you to encourage yourself in the future to take on various other jobs and goals.

Set a workout schedule for yourself with an initial goal of staying with it for 21 days. That length of time is considered to be the habit-forming period, after which it ends up being much simpler to continue and ultimately reach your objectives.

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