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Basic Muscle Building Facts Covered

By Arnold Sylvester

Asking for advice on how to build muscle can seem rather daunting. This is largely due to the severe jargon which surrounds unfamiliar new techniques like body weight workouts and high intensity interval training but it is also something which needn't be so confusing.

Despite the huge strides forward we have taken in the fitness industry, if you harbor dreams of building cold, hard, lean muscle you would do very well to return to the basic fundamental rules of size and strength.

They are:

1. Multi-joint exercises outperform isolation exercise every day.

Exercises such as the lat pulldown, bench press, squat and lunge remain key figureheads in any size and strength routine.

This is because they recruit more fibers in the muscles, which will in turn cause a greater impetus on the body to grow bigger and stronger for future workouts.

2. Know your rep range.

While high rep training has it's own benefits, you should be aiming for the 8-12 range if your goal is muscular hypertrophy. This is backed up by years of key studies from medical research studies carried out on the subject.

Now that you know the optimal rep range, try using it to determine whether you were previously lifting too light or even going too heavy on certain exercises.

3. Consistency is the enemy.

Consistency is the worst mistake made on the gym floor.

That may sound strange, but consistently lifting the same weight over and over will not see you hit new results. As your body begins to adapt to an exercise, you will need to push it harder than before to see new results. Therefore, make increasing your lifts an absolute priority.

4. Sleep is hugely important to increasing muscle size.

Muscles are broken down and torn in the gym. They don't start rebuilding until you recover after your workout has ended.

If you try to get eight to twelve hours of sleep on a consistent basis, it is a guaranteed method to increase your size and strength. That's because the body releases growth hormone and testosterone at this point, so neglecting this phase of the day is not advised.

Disallowing sleep is comparable to building a wall one day and then returning the next day to knock it all down and build it again. Overall, you may have a nice new wall but it is not any bigger than it was yesterday.
The importance of diet is just one of the five rules touched upon in the video guide on how to build muscle accompanying today's article.

If your goal to learn how to build muscle has so far proved fruitless, these tips will help. It is a very common trait in the fitness industry to over complicate matters and go overboard with unnecessary scientific jargon, as you will easily see by looking for tips on high intensity interval training or drop-set techniques. But these proven principles are simple, yet time-tested.

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