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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best Bodybuilder Diet Foods

If you are looking to start building up some solid muscle, then you need to put together a bodybuilder diet plan. What you eat depends on how fast you build muscle. If the nutrients your muscles need in order to grow are not in the food you are eating, then your muscles will not develop no matter how much you work them. There are certain foods that must be implemented in every bodybuilder diet plan, and this article will cover all of them.

The Best Bodybuilder Diet Foods

All bodybuilders will take supplements of some sort to top up their diet, as you would probably struggle to eat all the protein your muscles would require. The foods mentioned in this article have shown time and time again over the years to give you the right nutrients. Include all of this food in this article in your diet on a frequent basis while working out, and you should start to see improvements in muscle function and build within only a few weeks.

One thing you should be doing is keeping a chart of your weight, as you need to have proof that what you are doing is working. You need to weigh yourself twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening, Keep separate graphs for each so you can compare them. There are a lot of free apps available for doing this kind of thing these days. You also need to watch your waste to make sure that the additional food you are taking in is being converted into muscle and not fat.

White Meat

This means things like turkey and chicken. These are very lean meats, but do not deep fry or eat the skin. You should try and eat some everyday as it is packed full of protein. Chicken is 48% protein, while turkey contains 73%. The other benefits with these two meats is that they are very low in the content of trans and saturated fats.

A lot of bodybuilders will incorporate chicken and turkey into their bodybuilder diet at least once a day, although most will eat it in a couple of meals a day. The good news for this meat is that it is a relatively cheap source of protein, and can be included into food in a number of ways.

Legumes and Beans

It is surprising how many people have no idea what legumes are. Legumes are dried seeds, and come in two kinds; mature and immature. They come from pods hanging from certain plants, and although it is often thought that a pea is a vegetable, it is actually a legume.

The thing about legumes and beans is that they are full of protein and fiber. Take something like a kidney bean, it has 58% protein and 16% fiber. So it is actually more nutritional than chicken. However, all of the foods in this article also include different minerals and vitamins, so they should all be included in your diet.
Fiber is an essential nutrient for your body, although you do not digest it, it has been shown to reduce the chances of getting colon cancer, and helps with insulin and cholesterol levels.


One thing that the human body loves is the fat omega-3, this is classed as an essential fatty acid, and should be consumed on a daily basis, whether by eating fresh fish or taking an omega-3 supplement. The best quality is obviously from fresh fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel. These fish are also packed with protein, in fact tuna has 88%, Salmon 69% and Sardines 48%.

Egg Whites

84% of an egg white is protein, and it has a protein to fat ration of 60:1, which makes it the most natural form of pure protein you can eat, and why it appears in so many bodybuilderís diets. It is one of the best muscle builders around, and this form of protein is easily converted into muscle mass by the body. They are also high in natural minerals and vitamins. Do not eat the yolk as this has a high fat content.

Red Meat

If you are going to eat red meat then it must be lean, you have to pick the leanest piece when purchasing, and then when you get it home remove any fat you can find. Red meat contains a lot of zinc, iron, and vitamin B, and is rich in protein. For people looking to bulk up quickly, then you need to eat quite a good portion of red meat. Be aware though that red meat includes a lot of free radicals which have been linked to certain cancers and aging, so only eat large portions when you really need a boost to bulk up. Stick to chicken, turkey and fish most days.

Whey And Soy Protein

The majority of bodybuilderís will at some point take whey or soy protein supplements. These are pretty cheap to buy from most health stores, and you buy them in bulk of around 1000 per tub. Avoid buying these on online auction sites as you cannot be sure about the quality.

Slow-Burning Carbs

The above foods digest quickly, and get the protein into your system fast. However, your diet should contain oatmeal and sweet potatoes, as these are digested very slowly over a number of hours, and release energy into your body at a constant level. These should be eaten after each workout to make sure that your energy levels are maintained for a few hours after you have stopped. The reason you need to eat this type of food is to make sure that your body does not start breaking down muscle mass to use as energy, as this would be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve.

A bodybuilder diet is basically the opposite of a diet that most people use to lose weight. You eat more, they eat less. They want to lose fat and therefore weight, you want to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.
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