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The Simple Facts About Effective Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, the amount of information out there is enough to overwhelm anybody. Between the television, magazines, and of course the internet, it is tough to tell what is true, what is hype, and what is even safe. The truth is, if you want to get started shedding some pounds, you just need to understand a few key things.

Calories and Losing Weight.

There are so many diet plans out there that talk about how many calories people should be eating, where they should be getting them from, and even what time of day to be eating them. Here is a simplified overview of what you need to understand about calories.

- Think of calories as energy. The more energy that you eat, they more "energy" that you take in. If you do not burn that energy, it gets stored as fat. If you burn more energy than you take in, your body will turn to the stored fat that you have to get energy. That means that you lose weight!

- 3500 calories equals 1 lb. This is an approximation, but it is the standard number that is accepted. What it means is that for every 3500 calories that you take in more than what you burn, you will gain a pound. On the flip side of that equation, for every 3500 calories that you burn more than you take it, you will lose a pound.

There are 2 ways to affect this equation. The first is the amount of calories that you take in. Some diets have people take in extremely limited amount of calories. This is difficult to do for 2 reasons. The first is that you will be starving, especially if you are used to taking in a large amount of calories. Second, the more that you limit you caloric intake, the harder it is to get all of the nutrients that your body needs.

 A very helpful method is to gradually step down your calories, and be sure to consume fruits, vegetables, and of course, a protein source. Personally, I like lean meat and peanut butter. A lot of people prefer fish, or of you are a vegan or vegetarian, soy is common. It may be helpful to take a multi-vitamin or supplement shake to help you get your nutrients, but beware of poor quality products.

The second factor to keep in mind when it comes to calories is exercise. While it is best to do 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, incorporate large muscle groups, and really get your body working, I will simplify by saying anything is better than nothing. If you are just getting started, go for a walk.

 It may not be the most effective workout, but it will get you moving, it is easy on your body, and you can gradually introduce different activities to your workouts.
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Best wished in every area of your life. Stay motivated, set goals, and start succeeding
Joe Malone
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