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Monday, September 23, 2013

The intragastric balloon as an aid to weight loss

intragastric balloon
From a body mass index above 30 kg / m² is called obesity as a chronic disease to which can cause a significant reduction in life expectancy. Since conservative treatment measures may have only low success rates of 1 to 2% in the long term, the medicine now offers a full range of invasive procedures for weight loss, especially operational measures such as gastric banding and gastric bypass. Although the operative treatment of obesity has proven to be extremely effective, the various methods of bariatric or obesity surgery have all a not to be underestimated complication. The gastric balloon is an alternative to persons who are not willing to bariatric surgery or - for whatever reasons - do not get this question. 

Slim down with a gastric balloon

Linger larger foreign body for a long time in the stomach, which usually leads to a weight loss. In medicine, this observation was known long before 1982, a gastric balloon was first used to induce weight loss in an obese patient. Meanwhile, the method of intragastric balloon implantation is well established as a non-surgical option for weight loss and has its effectiveness in many studies used - but only in combination with a controlled diet, a light aerobic exercise program and a behavioral training that leads to permanent change in eating habits and lifestyle. Can be recommended to the gastric balloon implantation, when the body weight at least 40% above the ideal weight and other measures have led to no permanent weight loss.

Technique of intragastric balloon implantation

The implantation of a gastric balloon is gastroscopy, ie a gastroscopy, which is an outpatient procedure without anesthesia and sedation in short.For this, the empty balloon is first placed in a rolled up form in the stomach, and then filled with 400-700 ml of saline solution. Thus, the balloon may not be transported in the intestine and swim about freely in the stomach. By the volume of the balloon a quick satiety in food intake developed, thereby reducing the amount of food. The implantation is done in most cases within 20 to 30 minutes.

Gastric balloon as a weight loss aid

The gastric balloon is a tool that supports the weight reduction and only in conjunction with a strict diet program, consistent exercise, and behavior modification is useful. Behavior modifications are required to align long-term eating habits and lifestyle to permanent weight loss. With such a structured weight loss program the gastric balloon can help you lose within six months 10 to 15 kg of weight. The sole implantation of a gastric balloon without accompanying measures makes little sense, since after removal of the balloon is expected to regain weight or that weight loss drops from the outset rather disappointing. The general recommendation is to remove the gastric balloon to six months. For this purpose a new gastroscopy is required, in which the balloon is picked so that the saline emptied into the stomach via the esophagus and the balloon can be removed again. A technical breakthrough is the controllable gastric balloon . This, however, a small intervention is required, in which the introduced to the stomach balloon is connected to a thin catheter, which leads to a reservoir under the skin over the injection by the filling volume of the balloon can be varied. Sensibly these balloons are only when the balloon treatment should be carried out for more than 6 months. weight reduction using a gastric balloon thus requires a high level of motivation of the person concerned, who are best informed in advance about professionally run Weightloss programs. With extreme obesity, it may well make sense, already initiated a significant weight reduction before elective bariatric surgery using a gastric balloon, so that the intra-and postoperative risk of complications can be reduced.

Side effects and complications from gastric balloon

The particular advantage of the gastric balloon compared to overweight surgery is the easy, anytime reversible technique that can be performed on an outpatient without anesthesia. But even if the gastric balloon is a gentle method to weight loss, problems can occur quite. During the first days after balloon implantation, stomach cramps are nausea and vomiting, occasionally possible. Is rampant nausea, must occasionally be medically intervened to calm the nausea and compensate for the fluid loss through vomiting. A gastric balloon can cause stomach ulcers that can lead to threatening bleeding or perforation. For prophylaxis often an oral stomach-protecting agents is therefore decreed that the patient has to take regularly. In rare cases, the settlement of the balloon located in the saline solution has been observed with bacteria. Emptied of saline into the stomach and intestines, febrile diarrhea can be the result. Theoretically, even with the implantation or removal of a gastric balloon injury of the esophagus may occur. , the acidic stomach contents over time attack the silicone-containing material of the balloon, so that the saline emptied by a leak in the balloon wall into the stomach. It may happen that the deflated balloon moves towards gut and is excreted in the best case in a natural way. In his trek through the intestines it can also remain stuck and cause a bowel obstruction, which must then be surgically corrected again. As the balloon deflation, deflation, almost always develops unnoticed, the saline solution is often added to a dye which is excreted through the kidneys. The patient noticed a discoloration of his urine, which is an alarm signal and rapid medical idea is advisable. To avoid such complications, the removal of the gastric balloon is recommended after 6 months. If a longer balloon treatment planned, the balloon must be replaced with a new one every 6 months. diary An experience with an interesting experience about the procedure and the effect of losing weight with gastric balloon can be found in our forum.
The intragastric balloon as an aid to weight loss Reviewed by Katie Grace on Monday, September 23, 2013 Rating: 5 From a body mass index above 30 kg / m² is called obesity as a chronic disease to which   can cause a significant reduction in life expect...