Why green tea is good for the body - Losing weight

green tea
   This kind of tea is known to be why some people live to be 100 years and older because they kept their body healthy by drinking green tea. Green tea is also known to be the answer to avoiding diseases like cancer, heart disease, or even slow down the effect of a aging body.Yes green tea can be one of the key to the fountain of youth base on the great things it does for the body. This is an very good thing that you can use to help you lose weight. In this post I will try to describe why green tea does so much magic for the body.

Green tea plays a good role when you are losing weight. I bet you heard of all the positive promotion of how green tea does all of these wonders for the body. Green tea is known to contain some caffeine inside of it which helps to burn fats that accumulates inside of the body. Green tea also which speeds up your metabolism enabling your body to burn more weight faster. Stops the calories that your body is not using from turning into fat.  Helps to break down your foods so your body can digest it. It also stops you from thinking about hunger so you won't continue to eat more.

Green tea makes your brain stronger which helps to make you smarter. It helps to displace water in your body that might make you to feel uncomfortable. Green tea will help you to maintain weight inside of your body too. Be aware that drinking to much green tea can have bad effects on the body because of the caffeine that's in it. Putting some green tea in your diet is a great thing to do just make sure that you don't over do it.