The Jargon Free Explanation of How To Build Muscle

By Russ Howe

As a Fitness Instructor I know that most people who use the gym are lost. For guys, the main problem is they want to know how to build muscle but they don't know where to ask. Today we're going to reveal to you the top proven methods for packing on some lean muscle mass in no time.

Building a more muscular body is not rocket science.

To get the best results we often find that we need to go back to basics and that's exactly where so many gym members go totally wrong. They look for over complicated, often expensive, products and exercise plans when the truth is they could be getting superior results on their own.

There are five rules which, if you apply them correctly and stick to them, will have you turning heads at your local fitness center and have every guy in the gym wondering what on Earth you're doing to get continuous results.
If you don't know how to build muscle today's interview will assist you a lot.

* A muscle building diet is a must.

* Get the basics of supplements down before you get lost.

* Your workouts need to focus on hypertrophy rather than endurance.

* Rest days need to take priority.

* Sleeping is great for muscle building results so don't sell yourself short here.

The steps shown above reveal what most guys never actually learn. Apply them to your training and you will be shocked just how well they work, even if you have struggled in the past to build a bigger physique. We will move on to showing you further steps, naturally, but for now the first five steps should keep you more than busy!

Next we're going to look at some of the steps in a little more depth to clear up any potential mix-ups or confusion because , in the gym, confusion is a results killer.

In order to get a muscle building diet you must be able to work out how many calories per day your body requires. Too many people get lost at this stage because they believe it has to be an exact science, when it doesn't. To get this ball park figure simply multiply your desired weight, in pounds, by fifteen.

You can spend a fortune in the supplement market each month if you're not careful. Every product claims to be necessary. The key word to remember is supplement. It should never replace nutrition from your diet, so keep your tubs to an absolute minimum to avoid confusion and unnecessary spending. Whey protein and creatine monohydrate are a solid combination which have stood the test of time, making them the perfect starting blocks.

To write out your workout routine you need to remember two simple things. Firstly, big compound movements like bench press and squat are far more effective at building lean muscle mass than smaller isolation exercises like bicep curls. Secondly, your reps should fall into the hypertrophy zone and avoid the endurance zone. This means using a weight on every set which causes you to stop after 8-12 reps.

In the articles following on from this we will look at some more of the principles as well as introducing you to some new ones to keep your results coming along. No more will you have to wonder how to build muscle because, with a little help, you will know.

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