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Good weight loss foods for women

   I think that women can be more motivated to losing weight then men can be in more cases. They want to get in shape to show off their new figure they have worked so hard to get. Or they want to fit into a certain out fit they might not have been able to squeeze in before. They just want to look the very best every time they walk out the door and that's a very good thing. In this post I want to give some foods that can help women to loose that weight and get their desired shape.

Brussels sprouts- these are good for the body and do great things to help fight off potentially deadly diseases like cancer. The contain a compound in them that protects the body from developing cancer cell that are trying to duplicate.

Whole grain oatmeal- Eating this food will keep you feeling full through out your day. You will also have more energy during the day and not be thinking about sleep or hunger during your working hours. Whole grain oatmeal will lower your cholesterol slowing down the body from taking in the cholesterol and keeping it low.

Cherries- Not only are cherries very good and full of awesome deliciousness. They can also do good things for the body also. Cherries can lower blood pressure and cholesterol giving you better reports at your next doctor's appointment. They also can stop the storage of fat inside the body as well.

Shrimp- It contain no fat inside of it and has a very low calorie count. It also has protein inside of it which is good for the development and sustainability of the body.

These are all good foods for Women to eat when trying to lose weight and stay healthy.