4 Drinks for Removing Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat is the most annoying and difficult to remove , especially for women , because it is an obstacle to the realization of their cherished dreams of having a beautiful and sexy figure, harmonious . Not to mention many health drawbacks ... So if you want to get rid of these bad fats and find a Flat Belly, then you need to prepare and drink one of these precious beverage . It's healthy , it works and it's magic.

First drink : Chinese green tea , fresh mint , ginger and pomegranate peelBoil the equivalent of two tablespoons of green tea, mint, ginger, peeled pomegranate , in an appropriate amount of water, then strain and cool. A drink every day after every meal.

Second drink : green tea , sage , chamomile and cinnamonSoak amount of green tea and chamomile , sage and cinnamon in boiling water, then cool equivalent amounts . Drink this drink every day, morning and evening

Third drink : fennel seedsBoil a medium spoon fennel seeds in water, then strain the liquid prepared and cool. Drink twice a day .

Fourth drink : green tea , chamomile and cuminMix one teaspoon of green tea , chamomile, cumin with water , bring the mixture to a boil and then filter . Drink a glass every day.Choose one of these drinks and get rid of the fat in the shortest possible time and get the body you 've always wanted.

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