An In-Depth Look At The Now Famous Viviscal Hair Growth Program

By Elena McDowell

Just the mention of the Viviscal hair growth program and the first thing that comes to the minds of many people are scientifically tried, tested, and proven products for mane nourishment and augmentation. It is a holistic program that approaches hair growth from the inside out, thanks to the effective vitamin supplements as well as hair care products specially formulated for growth and strength.

The supplements are designed to nourish thinning locks from the inside out, while in the process promoting natural growth of locks. The products on the other hand i. E. The shampoo and moisturizing conditioner are designed to create the perfect environment for natural tresses development. And if you want to get instant thick locks in seconds, the now famous filler fibers are designed to provide the thick, natural looking locks in seconds.

Enough scientific research has gone into making these products. Top among the key areas that the company has looked into are the range of factors that contribute to mane thinning and eventual loss. Stress, hormonal imbalance, overstyling, poor nutrition, menopause and post-pregnancy issues are some of the factors that the program has been designed around. The program seeks to address these and other factors that are known to affect the good health of your locks.

One of the reasons why the Viviscal hair growth program is so popular today is because it is specially formulated for both ladies and men. Gone are the days when only ladies had their locks thinning and loss problems looked into. Today, this program seeks to approach the key issues that affect the healthy growth of mane, hence the huge popularity. It features specially formulated ingredients that will nourish and sooth the scalp, and work inside out to trigger natural increase.

First on the list is the supplements which come equipped with nutrients and vitamins that have been associated with mane augmentation since time immemorial. The supplements are 100% natural meaning you can take them with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will not have any negative side effects.

Some of the most notable ingredients present in these supplements include Vitamin C, marine proteins, and Horsetail extract. These and other key ingredients combine to form fully functional and efficient tablets that should be taken two piece a day. They are readily absorbed in your body and will go directly into the follicles to foster the root of your thinning locks.

The shampoo and moisturizing conditioner on the other hand are specially formulated with tested active ingredients that gently cleanse the scalp and the locks. This creates a perfect environment for healthy development. The conditioner on the other hand will work from the inside out to condition and moisturize the tresses, thanks to the creatine, Hazelnut and Argan oils present in the product. They nourish, soften and condition the locks and scalp, providing a perfect environment for healthy, thick and shiny tresses.

The Viviscal hair growth program is designed for everyday use and for all hair types, and with all natural ingredients, you can rest assured they will be effective in giving you the results that you so much desire.

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