Beanbag Games Provide A Ton Of Family Fun

By Megan Landry

If family fun is what you need at the moment, then beanbag games would be your best bet. These children-friendly games are safe for the entire family to enjoy at home, after all. They can be played indoors or outdoors, too, so you can have a good time when the sun is out in the afternoon or even when the clouds look grey.

A lot of people love bean bags and the fun that they provide at home. This is mainly because they don't need to be scared about getting hurt since there aren't any sharp or harmful equipment involved with them. If you have young children around the house, that means you won't have to worry too much about them playing nor will you have to watch their every move, either.

Toddlers who are fond of putting things inside their mouths wouldn't be the best candidates for these toys, though. This is because they might intentionally or accidentally place the bags into their mouths and choke on them. As such, it would be ideal for the kids who play with these toys to be at least four years old. Adults are all welcome to play with them, though.

To make things more interesting for the kids, try filling up the board that they will play with with different cartoon characters or fun animal caricatures. Then, make some holes into the board and get the bags ready.

It is important for the bags to be small, though, because the goal of the game is to shoot the bag into the hole. Depending on the height and size of the hole that it shoots into, points will then be given. The difficultly positioned holes will obviously have more points compared to the ones that are considered to be easy to score, as well. These games that have scoring apply to older kids much better since they already know what scoring is all about to begin with.

For kids aged three to four, it would be best to keep the holes slightly big, so they won't have too much trouble playing the game and will actually enjoy doing so. Even if there isn't any scoring system in place for the younger kids, they are sure to enjoy playing with the bags. Just being able to get the beanbags into the holes should be enough satisfaction for them overall.

As mentioned earlier, adults can play this game, too. However, it is best for them to play outdoors where they can place a big wooden board with a single hole on top similar to a basketball hoop. They can then play a basketball game with it, but with beanbags and even challenge each other to a shoot-off.

You can even add all sorts of different mechanics of your choice, like a certain distance to shoot from or an amount of times to get the bag into the hole in a row. Points can then be given out according to the rules and mechanics. No matter how old you might be, you are sure to enjoy these beanbag games. The best part is that the whole family can even bond through them.

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