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Monday, October 14, 2013

Creatine For Muscle Building.

By Sonnie Emerson

Creatine for muscle building is arguably one of the most compelling research evidence known to the bodybuilding community, and for good reason. It is wildly popular within the bodybuilding industry that recognizes the use of creatine for muscle building properties.

Creatine's ability to raise energy in muscles is due to its muscle protein synthesizing action whilst reducing the breakdown of protein. Creatine is normally taken in two ways. Creatine monohydrate can rightly lay claim to being the most popular and arguably most effective bodybuilding supplement currently available.

Typically, creatine is initially taken in abundance (known as "loading phase") to flood the body and saturate the skeletal muscles to be used and stored by the muscle cells.

By consuming it they are going to increase their capacity exercise for a longer period of time. Like any other steroid product, Creatine will also help the body to push out a higher quantity of testosterone, which is responsible for making the muscles increase their mass by helping them retain water. Still there are a lot of negatives which often outweigh the positives from this supplement. There are some unintended side effects that might appear early on when the user starts taking it.

As the body is involved in vigorous exercise, the body's demand for ATP soars. This demand triggers the target muscles to tap into its ATP storage where it is consumed to provide the energy needed to accomplish the task or exercise (muscle contractiion) at hand.

Considering that most individuals do intense weight lifting anywhere from 3-5 days per week, the body would most likely be in need of a quality and constant supply of creatine to ensure the body can supply the need for an increased energy output brought on by the vigor's of weight lifting.

Together, ATP and creatine phosphate can provide maximum muscle power for 10-15 seconds - long enough to energize a 100 meter dash. This however is where creatine supplementation is needed to ensure efficient muscle building and strength gains.

The target muscle group would grow at a steadier rate, which in turn would prove to allow the development of muscle building mass and strength. Not only that, but with more muscle mass, the body would need to burn more calories just for the maintenance of the muscle (hence, metabolism would then be increased).

So, if no supplementation is desired, one would have to consume roughly about 10 pounds of fish/meat per day to meet the typical 20 grams needed for the loading phase. Not only that, but consuming large amounts of red meat may not be wise, as some cuts have high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol, which may cause an abundance of other sorts of health related problems and diseases.

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Creatine For Muscle Building. Reviewed by Katie Grace on Monday, October 14, 2013 Rating: 5 By Sonnie Emerson Creatine for muscle building is arguably one of the most compelling research evidence known to the bodybuilding commun...