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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Exploring The Truths Concerning HCG Texas Diets

HCG Diet
HCG is a hormone produced by the uterus especially during pregnancy. This hormone is today believed to play a crucial role for weight loss programs. Not much is known concerning this hormone yet and the mechanism of action it does this or what adverse effects it could cause. It is in this view that we explore the answers on hCG Texas diets.

When and how the hormone was discovered and how it is related to weight loss is clear. An Indian doctor by the name Simeon did a study to look at how pregnancy results were affected in patients who were starved. Through his study he noted that the women especially the obese ended up having proportional weight losses. He noted that the hCG hormone produced at this pregnancy period caused mobilization of body fat stores that were not useful and broke it down. A repeat in clinical tests proved that the hormones caused weight loss by using unwanted fat stores while leaving the good stores.

Safety of the hormone to the body is another major issue of concern. This diet has been in use for about 60 years from the time it was discovered. Since that time no serious side effects have ever been reported. It is however important to remember that the diet is a medical therapy that must be prescribed by health workers and be monitored.

The function of the accompanying diet is significant in maintaining the starvation process but that of the hormone is most important. Normally, a purely low calorie diet will cause loss of weight but has adverse effects. It causes breaking down of even the good fat in addition to muscles and bone tissues. HCG ensures that the fat breakdown is restricted to the unwanted type. It also prevents destruction of bones and muscles. As a result the body shape is maintained.

There are usually some concerns on what happens when one suddenly stops loosing weight while still on treatment. This happens especially in times for menstrual period in women and is because of the hormonal imbalance changes at that time. Other explanations could be that the body is just reshaping itself at the time. Time should be given to the treatment as it is still working.

It is essential that you set enough time for resting and sleep during the course of treatment. Sleep of approximately 8 hours promotes faster weight loss. Exercise is not a requirement to the therapy for it to be effective but small exercises can help keep our bodies fit.

Stopping the diet or skipping some days in between the prescribed time is not advisable. The body can easily grow back to the original size or even worse. It will also interfere with the whole program such that trying to continue gives no results in size reduction.

Once the plan of treatment is complete, the ratio of the body muscle to that of fat is usually higher. This is good because the body acquires control of burning calories and controlling it which prevent other weight gain episodes. HCG Texas diet plan is therefore safe for use.

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