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Friday, October 04, 2013

The Power Of Coffee Beans For Weight Loss

Coffee Beans For Weight Loss
For many people, having a cup of coffee in the morning is a way to jumpstart their day, but did you know that there is a type of coffee that can also help you lose weight? If you take coffee beans that have not been roasted, what you get is green coffee beans. Green coffee bean extract has received much popularity as a weight-loss supplement after it was mentioned by Dr. Oz in his show.

The key to the fat-busting capabilities of green coffee bean extract lies with the substance known as chlorogenic acid. The roasting process is important in reducing the bitterness of coffee beans, but the amount of chlorogenic acid is being sacrificed because of it. Several tests have been conducted on this type of coffee extract and the results proved to be very satisfactory in weight reduction.

One thing that is quite noticeable in weight-loss supplements being sold these days is that quite a lot are actually made from green coffee bean extract. Since it contains chlorogenic acid, the bloodstream is able to delay the absorption of glucose and consequently cause absorption of fat to be reduced. When looking for a supplement, make sure it contains either GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol.

The study conducted by Dr. Oz on green coffee extract made use of people who took supplements containing at least 45% chlorogenic acid. It is not known whether the efficacy would be the same if something below 45% is to be used. Dosage can be anywhere from 200mg to 800mg. As for the Dr. Oz study, a dosage of 400mg was used and it was taken for a total of 3 times a day.

When choosing a weight loss supplement made with green coffee extract, make sure to check the list of ingredients. Stay away from any product that does not provide an ingredients list. There shouldn't be any hint of fillers or artificial ingredients in the label. If you find any ingredients in the list that sound weird or look off, it may be wise to call or email the manufacturer and ask about it.

To be sure you're buying quality products, make it a point to buy only from reputable manufacturers. It would be ideal to go with manufacturers who are really in the business of supplements and that they have earned a good name from the quality of their products. Make sure that you take note of factors such as customer reviews, price, and features before you purchase a supplement.

When it comes to the side effects, it would be safe to assume that taking green coffee bean extract as intended would not yield any negative side effects. However, keep in mind that there is still some amount of caffeine in it and it is still possible to suffer some side effects if misused. Weight-loss supplements like this are generally not recommended for pregnant women and those with serious health problems.

If you really want to achieve the best results when using green coffee bean extract supplements, you should still consider adapting a healthy lifestyle, particularly a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. While you still might get some results by using the supplement alone, it won't be nearly as good if you combine it with healthy eating and burning of calories through exercise.

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