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By Jolynn Sadowski

Long before pain relievers were developed, Asian countries have already experienced deer antler supplement benefits 2,000 years ago. Deer antler benefits were discovered in the traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese used it during the Han Dynasty for amnesia, dizziness, arthritis, pain, wounds, and even insomnia.

Some of the big questions that come up are: does it hurt the deer?, will it hurt me if I take too much?, and what are the benefits? In this article I hope to answer all those questions and maybe give a little better insight with this supplement.

Deer Antler Supplement Benefits The velvet covers the cartilage on deer antlers before the antlers calcify and harden.

This is performed during the cartilaginous stage when the antlers have a good supply of blood vessels before it reaches the calcification stage. Will it hurt me if I take too much? This will follow the advice that when you take too much of anything it can harm you, especially when dealing with any kind of growth hormone. Since deer antler velvet has a high potency of IGF-1 you should always follow the directions on the bottle.

The glycosaminoglycans assist in producing the proteoglycans found in the cartilage production. Proteoglycans also help regulate cell differentiation and water retention. Moreover, this substance also helps stimulate chondrocytes in cartilaginous tissue.

Deer Antler Supplement Benefits Overall Health and Wellness There are many benefits because this natural supplement contains many nutrients that are lacking in the body as we age and aids several ailments in the body. Antler velvet benefits the following for improved health and wellness:

During sleep this hormone is released in higher amounts, hence one of the reasons why sleep is so important to athletes and natural bodybuilders alike.

This type of joint inflammation has many causes, but the primary factor is loss of cartilage and lubrication, which velvet antler addresses.

Proper recovery plays a big role in ensuring no injuries and optimal function of the body will happen.

The amount of stress an athlete puts on their body is enormous and places a huge burden on the central nervous system.

When you look at most athletes that are trying to stay away from drugs they are trying to improve their recovery time outside of the gym, field, etc.

There are lots of reviews that talk about how effective this natural remedy is as far as natural supplement is concerned. Readers are encouraged to continue researching reviews of the supplement in order to make an informed decision about which is best for their needs.

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