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Friday, October 18, 2013

Inside Secrets On Creatine Muscle Building .

By Roxane Zaragoza

For muscle building and enhancing athletic performance, creatine is probably the most effective, research-proven supplement that we'll ever saw until now. Once inside the muscle, creatine increases muscle cell volume and stimulates contractile protein production to provide better and faster results. Popular misconception among many weight lifters and other athletes is that creatine prevents fat loss if used regularly. You can read opinions that for building muscle, creatine is a great supplement but if you want to get lean, creatine supplementation is something you don't want around you.

Creatine muscle building is a well known way to gain the edge from every workout. While creatine isn't really the magic bullet that some people claim, understanding how it works in your body can help you achieve the most benefit from this well researched supplement.

The first thing to address is what creatine is not. There is much misinformation surrounding performance enhancing supplements. Contrary to what some people may think, creatine is not a steroid. Steroids act within the body's hormonal system and creatine is a derived from an amino acid that already functions in the body.

Secondly, creatine enhances your body's ability to store glycogen; glycogen is the principle storage form of glucose. Thus creatine helps your body store more glycogen in the muscles, so allowing you to train harder and longer. Creatine supplements are also beneficial if you don't get sufficient quantities of it in your normal diet. For example vegetarians often don't get enough creatine in their diets as it is mainly found in red meats. Are You Going To Use Creatine? Whether you decide to use creatine or not is really down to you, don't take the decision lightly as creatine is not for all bodybuilders. Most research has shown that creatine is safe to use, however you should always consult your doctor before starting to take creatine supplements.

Make sure that you follow the dosage guidelines carefully so that you get the best results. Also you will need to drink extra water, as one of the side products is increased levels of creatinine which is filtered from the body by the kidneys, so you need to drink extra water especially if you have kidney problems, as creatinine is not good for your health and body.

Use your common sense and use your brain and you too can see how creatine, when combined with a proven training program, can help you build bigger muscles fast.

This study used a "crossover design"; the assessment period between creatine use and non-creatine use was very close. In this study, the authors suggest that creatine may prevent fat loss and this is a puzzling notion.

Because the energy created by creatine is quickly spent, the benefits are largely contained to high intensity sports such as football that generally consist of shorter periods of intense movement followed by resting. Sprinters also felt a dramatic increase in performance when using creatine muscle building.

Endurance sports, however, such as cross country racers had no positive effect, as the creatine burst was long gone before they needed the extra energy. However, creatine can be a valuable part of your muscle building program, regardless of your sport of choice. Understanding the pros and cons of this highly used supplement can help you get the most out of each workout and build muscles faster.

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Inside Secrets On Creatine Muscle Building . Reviewed by Katie Grace on Friday, October 18, 2013 Rating: 5 By Roxane Zaragoza For muscle building and enhancing athletic performance, creatine is probably the most effective, research-proven supp...