Should You Take Wellbutrin For Weight Loss?

Wellbutrin is a brand name for a compound generically called bupropion. It was originally created to treat clinical depression; however, a side effect is weight loss. In fact, it has helped thousands of people to lose weight.

Wellbutrin blocks the transfer of norepinephrine and dopamine out of the brain and keeps these naturally occurring chemicals in the brain for a longer period of time. Norepinephrine and dopamine are energizing, 'feel good' chemicals. This is how it helps to lift chronic depression.

If someone is struggling with weight issues, Wellbutrin may be the magic pill needed for them to trim down. However, it remains a prescription medication and has side effects. Some side effects can be serious. This is why its use must be supervised by a physician.

Exactly how Wellbutrin helps someone lose weight has not been conclusively determined. However, it is believed that it suppresses the appetite so someone taking it eats less. It probably also revs up the body's metabolism so it burns more calories at the same time.

Taking Wellbutrin to lose weight is considered an 'off-label' use. This simply means the US Food and Drug Administration has not formally approved bupropion for the treatment of weight loss issues. While this should be understood, it should not cause concern. Doctors routinely prescribe medications for off-label uses.

For patients who are obese or otherwise have a significant amount of weight to lose, it might be necessary to pair Wellbutrin with another medication such as Naltrexone. Several pharmaceutical companies are testing this combination in a single pill, but until their products are available doctors will need to prescribe them separately.

Naltrexone is a powerful drug that has traditionally been used to treat drug addiction. It stops the cravings associated with an addictive substance. When it's prescribed for weight loss, Naltrexone stops cravings for food, so a person will naturally eat less. Wellbutrin and Naltrexone is an extreme but often highly effective method of treating obesity.

Wellbutrin can help you lose weight, but it is still a prescription grade medication. Doctors who promote a natural approach to health warn against it, saying there is no magic pill for weight loss. Instead they recommend a change in lifestyle that includes a pleasant and satisfying healthy diet, enjoyable activity, supportive social connections and an improved relationship with food. Losing weight and keeping it off is fundamentally about choosing to live a healthy life and taking the action required to make it happen.

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