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Using Whey Protein For Weight Loss

Learning how to lose weight can be a very tricky affair, particularly when you discover the world of supplements and meal replacement shakes. Today, you are going to learn how to tell which whey protein is best for you to use.

Driving your reasons for using any food replacement product should be your overall fitness goals. If you are trying to shed some unwanted poundage you need to be very careful about which type of product you use.

The slimming industry is a billion dollar business, so it is to be expected that marketing hype is everywhere. Due to the sheer volume of hype out there surrounding every new supplement to hit the market, it has become almost impossible for most people to understand whether a product is as solid as it claims to be. Many simply try buying and hoping for the best, which can become an expensive mistake to make on a regular basis.

But with so many products on the market, how is it even possible to decide which one would suit your goals? Well, there are three main things to look for when you see a whey protein product.

* If weight loss is your goal, be sure to check the number of carbs in each serving. It needs to be quite low if your goal is fat loss.

* Write down the number of grams of protein you'll be provided with in each serving.

* Determine whether the main ingredient is whey concentrate, isolate or hydrolized isolate.

The things on the list above will help you to check if a product is designed to support lean muscle building or bulking up. If you've been scared of trying a supplement in case it results in unwanted weight gain you can now get past this worry with the check list above.

To ensure the shake you're looking at is designed for fat loss and lean muscle building, take a quick glance at the number of grams of carbohydrates provided in each serving. It should be quite low if your goal is losing fat. Anything which provides you with the same amount of carbs as protein is designed for bulking up and not suitable to those with slimming goals.

It would also benefit you to establish which type of protein has been used to make your product. The three main types you'll see on the ingredients list are concentrate, hydrolized and isolate. Concentrate is the oldest form, which is cheaper to manufacture and takes slightly longer to digest than both isolate and the very quick hydrolized form. As a result, concentrate is usually cheaper to buy.

Furthermore, recent scientific studies have revealed that the human body can digest no more than thirty grams of protein in one go. With so many products on the market claiming to hit you with 50 grams or more, this helps you to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Like most things in life, once you get past the initial hype and confusion you'll discover that it's not as difficult as you first thought. Learning how to lose weight is much the same. Now that you have the knowledge to look for the important information which will help you determine which whey protein is best for you, your fitness goals will be much easier to achieve.

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