Applying Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

There is nothing more unappealing as Caucasian skin than the pale, washed out look. To get it looking tan and lifelike, one will have to stay in the sun to get it to acquire the glow. Luckily, there are all manner of dark sunless tanning lotion to get the tan without the sun. To apply, a few steps need to be followed.

Do not shave immediately before you use your dark sunless tanning lotion. A day before is the best time to shave especially if you have very delicate skin. The skin is quite sensitive after shaving, and since the product may have some strong ingredients it may end up causing further irritation to the skin. However, if your skin can handle it, you can shave at least five hours before using dark sunless tanning lotion.

Exfoliate right before you apply this product. Exfoliate using a loofah and body scrub, preferably the ones made for sensitive skin. It will get the dead skin out while still keeping your skin safe and protected. The dead skin, if not removed, will end up making your skin look patchy and ashy once you apply the dark sunless tanning lotion.

A tight, dark outfit is what you should wear when applying this product . This will mean that you get a very tight bathing suit. A dark color will ensure that you avoid staining your outfit. Try and match your dark sunless tanning lotion to your skin tone, in order to have a natural looking tan.

The best tools to apply the dark sunless tanning lotion are the hands. These will however require a lot of experience to perfect. In order to get the best tanning results, use a sponge paintbrush or a small sponge roller. Use single strokes of it to avoid looking too orange.

Wash your hands immediately you are through using the dark sunless tanning lotion. Preferably, wear a pair of gloves to avoid orange palms. If you have used a bit too much, some hydrogen peroxide dabbed on to the problem areas with a cotton bud will help a lot.

To get a more even look, apply some moisturizer after you apply the dark sunless tanning lotion. Use body lotion before you apply the tanning lotion. This way they will absorb a little less lotion and thus look even with the rest of the body.

The feet and hands are dark in most people hence using the same product on them as on the body will make them even darker. Opt for a lighter product. Apply some of the it to your armpits for even and realistic results. Dark sunless tanning lotion may tend to get quite sticky, but this can be easily fixed by applying a little baby powder to the skin, using a powder puff. Take your time and choose the best dark sunless tanning lotion.

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