Discover Safe Self Tanning For A Brilliant Body

By Haywood Hunter

If you want a body that looks good then you can use a self tanning lotion. This avoids trying to get a tan by lying in the sun for a long time and being exposed to harmful rays. By using a fake product you can achieve a great color safely.

You will find many brands and types available so you need to find one that will give you a natural look. An ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA is used to darken the skin. This is present in all the fake tan products.

Avoid lotions that make your skin look orange. Do not use a self tanning product that has a distinctive odor. Some lotions need to be applied more regularly than others, which makes it a time consuming activity. Some products cause a streak whilst others stain clothing.

If you are trying out a tanning product for the first time, use on a discrete area of your body so the effect is only visible to you. If you are applying to your face then use one just for that area. You should cleanse first and then exfoliate to remove flaky skin that would spoil the overall effect. Do not use a moisturizer yet.

Certain parts of the body sometimes become darker than the tan overall. To avoid this on the face, which is always on view, then apply an eye cream just under the eyes. Do not try to darken the face too much or you will end up with a look that is not natural.

Before applying your tan to your face you can mix a little moisturizer with it at this stage. This will enable a smooth application. Having covered the ears too, allow the tan to take effect over the next few hours. But do not forget to wash your hands carefully to remove all traces of your fake tan.

Next, exfoliate the rest of the body in the same way as you did for your face. Move up through your body, covering one limb at a time. Make sure you allow the tan to dry before putting on your clothes. If you exercise within a few hours of the application you may spoil the effect by causing it to streak.

There is a huge list of self tanning products on the market. There are milks, mousses, gels and sprays. Of course, the lotion is as popular as ever. Whatever your type of skin there will be a product just for you that will be absorbed into your skin to give a natural effect. Buy a fake tan and make yourself feel good!

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