Enjoying A Darker Complexion Using Sunless Suntan Topical Solutions

By Haywood Hunter

It's possible to enjoy a darker and lovelier complexion without exposing one's self to UV rays. There are plenty of Sunless Suntan products that are applied on the skin, in the form of sprays, lotion, creams or gels. Capable of providing realistic results, a lot of people consider these alternatives as safer than sunbathing and cheaper than stepping foot in a tanning salon.
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The popularity of Sunless Suntan products started when researches linked excessive exposure to harmful UV rays to skin cancer. Since then, many topical alternatives to sunbathing were introduced, and they were received very well by consumers. Up until now, these solutions are preferred by those avoiding the risks involved with too much sun exposure.

The active ingredient found in many of these Sunless Suntan items is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This colorless kind of sugar is FDA approved for use on human skin. Upon contact with dead cells of the skin, DHA begins to darken within an hour. The darkest color may be observed about 24 hours after the application of a product containing this chemical.

Bathing or showering is perfectly fine as the color cannot be washed off with water. Gradual disappearance of the resulting tan happens because dead skin cells naturally slough off. A lot of manufacturers of topically applied Sunless Suntan solutions say that the effect may last anywhere from 5 to 7 days. There are different shades available, ranging from light to very dark.

Even application of the product is essential if you want to go for a Sunless Suntan. With care, a natural outcome may be achieved. On the packaging, manufacturers provide several techniques on how to attain the best possible results. There are people who like using Sunless Suntan solutions that come in cream, lotion or gel form. Others like to go for the spray type. For the back and other body areas that may not be easily reached, one may ask for the help of a family member or friend.

According to experts, tanning beds are not that safe to use. That's because the lamps installed basically emit the same type of radiation coming from the sun. Further, tanning salons are not easily accessible to all. Even if there's a nearby establishment, using a Sunless Suntan product at home is definitely easier. Practice allows you to come up with superb results, comparable to a professionally made one.

Other than for health and safety reasons, many people go for Sunless Suntan solutions for their practicality. Using Sunless Suntan products is cheaper than stepping foot inside a tanning salon. If you constantly go to such establishment to maintain that sun-kissed glow, the cost of trying to look more attractive can add up quickly. In particular when you shop online, you can come across so many well-known brands that are offered by vendors at affordable prices.

Speaking of brands, Sunless Suntan products are not the same. Devote some time to finding out which ones people are using. See what brand is highly recommended by a relative or friend who gave up sunbathing in exchange for safer alternatives. It's a good idea to do some researches most especially if you are a newbie in using a topically applied solution.

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