Getting Excellent Results From Sun Fake Tan Lotions

By Haywood Hunter

Since health authorities in the United States declared that exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer, people have been trying fake tans. The early tanning products looked slightly unnatural but with recently improvident and technologies they now produce a tan that looks no different from sun bathing. This is due to the discover y of DHA. DHA is a natural chemical that is found in sugar beet. Sun fake tan lotions use DHA and is one the best self tanning lotions available.

DHA is 100% natural and harmless. It darkens the outer layer of the skin by creating a chemical reaction. The DHA in a tanning product, the darker the results, and there are many dark tan products available. Sun Labs have a wide range of different self tanning lotions available, which includes light tans to deep and dark tans.

The skin that the DHA reacts are actually dead skin cells. Because of this it is important to exfoliate before applying any self tanner. Otherwise, when the older cells come off the tan will begin to looking patchy and uneven. Exfoliating is best dome in the shower, with a good quality exfoliating scrub. The shower is the perfect place to exfoliate, there are many excellent exfoliating scrubs that are available to purchase either at stores or online, that will do an excellent job at removing dead skin.

After you have finished exfoliating you should definitely apply moisturizer all over the skin. Moisturizers slow down the shedding of dead skin cells, which will make the tan last longer. It wall also help the skin look more supple and the tan more realistic.

If you want to start using a fake tan on a regular basis, so you have a beautiful tan all year round; you should exfoliate and moisturize in between each tanning application. Exfoliating and moisturizing will make tans last longer, look smoother and your skin will look like tan is its natural color.

DHA starts working as soon as fake tan lotion is applied to the skin. The effects will be noticeable after just a few hours and the full tan should appear the following morning; although it may take an extra day for those with lighter skin. Do not take a shower and avoid sweating for at least four hours after application, other wise some of the tanner will come off, leaving you with an uneven tan.

It is fine to use a towel to dry off the lotion, fake tanning lotions do not stain fabric, skin or damage the hair. These products are fine for all skin types, although anyone if dermatological conditions should get further advice and information from their doctor before using a fake tanning product.

Regular self tan users can make savings by buying online, especially if they buy in large quantities. High quality lotions, such as the sun fake tan lotions are available to by at affordable prices at numerous online retail outlets. Sub Labs fake tanners are extremely high quality with fast results and long lasting tans.

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