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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How To Apply Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

You will find that you have a lot of different choices when you are looking at tanning lotion. Each one of these is made for different purposes so you need to know what you are looking for to avoid any possible damages to your skin. Of course you should know that the word tanning means to make one's skin darker.

Three different choices are available for you to be able to get a tan. Going outside and into the sunlight is one of these. This form actually uses UV radiation to help your skin to tan. This is something that many people are warned about today because of possible damages.

The second method is to choose one of the special types of lotions that are available to spray or rub on. This is one of most popular choices because it is so safe. However it is one of the choices that you have to be the most careful with to avoid ending up with a skin color that is not desired.

Being able to go to an indoor place to get a tan is the third option and while it is still UV rays that tan you, it is somewhat safer. Sometimes people are even sent to these by the doctor to increase their consumption of Vitamin D. While there are many health risks associated with being exposed to UV rays there are also some benefits that you are not likely to know about.

Of course depending on the way that you plan on getting a tan you will want a specific category of lotions. Each one of these is made to serve a single specific purpose but it can be really easy to choose the wrong one. If you do that there are some chances that you are taking including that you might end up with damaged skin.

There are actually three options for you to look at with lotions which include those that will help you to get a natural looking tan without UV rays, called self-tanning lotions; those that are going to keep your tan longer, called enhancers; and those that are going to help you to avoid damages from the sun with SPF, called sunscreens. The ones that protect your skin from UV rays are made specifically to be used outdoors. In the past these might have been harder to find but today you do not have to look far because SPF is found in almost all lotion choices as well as in make up.

If you are choosing to give yourself a tan then you will have two different ways in which it might work. One of these is that the lotion is going to actually dye your skin. The other is that it is going to use a chemical process that oxidizes protein cells, mostly melanin, in the top or outer layer of the skin.

When you are looking for the right tanning lotion the last choice is an enhancer. This choice actually works in two ways, one of which is to help you to be protected more against the UV rays from the sun because it builds up the melanin in the skin. This has a second effect as well which is to help you when you are tanning to get darker.

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