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Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Choose A Suitable Sun Tanning Cream

By Haywood Hunter

Most people find it quite challenging to pick an excellent sun tanning cream for their skin. This is because the beauty industry is flooded with countless brands of these products. Therefore, one has to equip him or herself with the right information so that they can make the right selection. Below are some useful guidelines that will guide you through the selection process.
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Consider the skin type. Generally, there are three common types of skin; fair, medium or olive and dark. Usually, people with fair skins are the most affected by sun burns. Therefore, they need a lotion that has a higher level of the sun protecting factor. However, those individuals who are dark skinned are not extremely affected; hence, they can use a tanning cream that has smaller amounts of sun protection ingredients.

Put into account the ingredients used in the lotion. It is best to check the contents on the label before buying any product. Ensure that the tanning cream has bronzer, which contains vitamin A, DHA and beta-carotene. These components are essential for darkening the pigmentation, hence preventing burns. The cream should also have maximizers and accelerators for speeding up the tanning procedure.

Ensure that your tanning cream has sunscreen. This is crucial particularly for individuals who have sensitive skins. This will protect your body covering from the UV rays that are emitted by the sun. Most people think that these rays are not harmful because they are minimal. However, their effects are usually seen after they have been absorbed by the skin for a long time.

Ensure that you have sunscreen. If you have a very sensitive skin, then ensure that your tanning cream has this addition. This will help protect your body from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. These emissions may be minimal, but they can cause severe problems if they are absorbed for long. They have been associated with skin cancer and other related conditions.

Think about the health effects of a product beforehand. It is advisable for you to ask individuals who have used a specific product. This will give you useful information regarding the benefits and the adverse effects of the tanning cream. It is best to only go for products that are accredited by the FDA. This is an assurance that the product has met their standardization criteria.

Put into account the durability of the tanning cream. Avoid lotions that evaporate quickly hence you have to reapply after a short period of time. There are lotions that tend to melt away, hence leaving your skin bare and unprotected. Therefore, go for products that have moisturizers because they will not evaporate even in extremely hot weather conditions.

Check the cost of the tanning cream. It is better to go for more expensive products than picking the cheaper ones. However, the price of these items will vary depending on the popularity of the company and the ingredients used. Renowned manufacturers usually have high standard products because they have to maintain their current reputation.

The skin is an important part of your body. Therefore, you must ensure that you are using an excellent sun tanning cream. Therefore, you should take time to research the options available before you pick out the best.

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