Key Details About Sun Tan Lotion

Sun tan lotion is at term used for sunblock or indoor tanning formulas. These products have different functions. The tanning creams are designed to improve tanning results. Sunscreen is used to protect skin against effects of prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Indoor tanning creams increase the blood flow in the skin or raise the melanin production. This will increase melanin on the top layers of the skin. These indoor products do not include sun protection ingredients. They should not be used outdoors because of this. Furthermore, they should not be mistaken for sunscreen. To get the most use out of these creams, use them before entering a tanning bed or booth sessions.

Common active ingredients include L-Tyrosine and melanin. Other ingredients may include copper, green tea extract, tea oil and other oils. They may include bronzing or moisturizing elements. These indoor products are not intended for outdoor use because they do not offer sun protection.

A product designed for outdoor use is called sunscreen. This product may come in a cream, gel, spray or other topical form. It is used to reflect or absorb some of the ultraviolet radiation that is given off by the sun. It is also helpful in preventing sunburn.

Organic and inorganic particulates, and organic chemical compounds are found in sunscreens. In general, these products can be classified in one of two categories: chemical or physical. Chemical formulas absorb UV light. Physical formulas reflect sunlight. Sunscreen is a recommended products because it can help prevent harmful effects caused by increased sun exposure, such as sunburn and cancer.

Sun tan lotion is a term that can refer to numerous things. Most likely it is used to describe indoor tanning or sunscreen products. These products, which are used for different purposes, are applied to the skin. The sunblock formula is used to protect against the sun. Alternatively, tanning formulas improve the results of tanning.

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