Losing Weight Is Not Just About Taking Whatever Claims To Help You Do So.

It's also about making sure that the weight loss product is approved and tested. When it comes to taking Hoodia Gordonii, you, therefore, have to make sure you're getting the real thing. Getting otherwise isn't just a waste of your money but could also be potentially dangerous.

Hoodia 750 is an appetite suppressant, as are the other hoodia gordonii weight loss pills. Labeling indicates that hoodia 750 contains 750mg of hoodia gordonii and nothing else except the ingredients used to make the capsule itself. Other products contain 750 mg of hoodia gordonii or more. Hoodia XR contains 1000mg of hoodia gordonii. Desert Burn 750 is a 750mg tablet. Which of the hoodia gordonii weight loss pills is better? It might be necessary to compare the products for yourself.

All three of the hoodia gordonii weight loss pills mentioned receive high ratings at websites dedicated to hoodia reviews; hoodia 750, hoodia XR and desert burn. So, let's compare CITES certificates and analysis reports. Hoodia 750 has CITES certificates from Stella Labs. Hoodia XR has a CITES certificate. Desert Burn has its own CITES certificate displayed along with many other certifications of authenticity. If the question is about who is supplying genuine hoodia gordonii, then they all appear to be.

There are no scientific studies or trials that have conclusively shown that Hoodia Gordonii works as an appetite suppressor or is effective in producing weight loss. One study took seven overweight patients who managed to shed an average of 3.3% of their bodyweight during the trial.
Lack of scientific evidence has not stopped dietary supplement companies from marketing their products as containing Hoodia Gordonii. Trimspa stated that their Hoodia Gordonii weight loss products will not only suppress appetite but also lowers blood pressure. The FDA has advised that these claims are not supported by any scientific evidence. The Trimspa brand is the subject of a lawsuit in California over claims that the brand does not actually contain any Hoodia Gordonii ingredients.

Guarantee. Hoodia 750 offers a "multi-bottle" satisfaction guarantee; meaning that if you order two or more bottles, they give you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Desert Burn accepts returns of unopened bottles for any reason.

A quote during the whole debacle was from PhytoPharm's CEO who said "I honestly believed that these Bushmen had died out and am sorry to hear that they feel hard done by.". This was the start of a lawsuit by the San for compensation from the giant pharmaceuticals.

The San put forward a statement through a prominent lawyer they had engaged that they were not averse to assisting the Western World in developing medical treatments using their knowledge but they were not going to be the product of "Bio Piracy" for the sake of weight loss products and sit back and do nothing.

Hoodia market is divided into two camps. The first camp consists of people who are honest, have integrity and make a genuine effort to purchase authentic hoodia gordonii and provide the real thing to their customers through their nutritional supplements. There are only few weight loss pills that were made by honest companies.

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