Sun Tan Spray Fights The Bite Of The Sun

By Haywood Hunter

Sun tan spray has been with us for quite a while. The deadly UV rays of sunlight has forced people to try and develop some kind of protection. The result was lotions that can be applied to the skin. Many types are available.

These must not be confused with another kind of product, suntan oil. Whereas sunblock protects the skin by reflecting and filtering dangerous rays to minimize damage, the oils actually magnifies the impact or the sun's heat. This is to assist the person using it in obtaining a deep and fast tan. When you want to spend a summer's day on the beach, make sure you buy the right product.

The cream is also known as sunblock or suntan lotion. It is an essential sunscreen product and offers protection to anyone whose body is exposed to the sun for long periods. This must never be left behind when you plan to spend a summer day on the beach. Skin lightening products have sunscreen to protect lightened skin because light skin is more susceptible to sun damage than darker skin.

It does not matter whether you prefer you sunblock in the form of a gel, spray or cream, it must be applied evenly on your skin. One good squeeze of the tube should release enough for an adult body.

Often people will say suntan spray should be re-applied every two to three hours. Some researchers have found that applying it fifteen to 30 minutes before going outside into bright sunlight, and then re-applying fifteen to thirteen minutes after exposure started, offers the best protection. After swimming or sweating it must be re-applied again. There are products on the market that resist water and perspiration.

It should never be necessary to use sunblock on babies because they should not be in the hot sun. Their skin is much to delicate for the sunlight and also for the sunblock. Adults know the sun can be dangerous. Babies do not. If there is no other way out than to take baby into the direct sunlight, consult a doctor toe find out how best to safeguard the skin. Babies may react to some products.

Older kids love the water. Outdoor water fun, unfortunately has the sun's heat as side-effect. Their skins must also be protected. To do that to the most effective extent possible, use a sunblock with enough shielding power. Say for instance a kid gets sun burned in ten minutes that a SPF 30 block will provide protection for 300 minutes. SPF 15 will do the job for 150 minutes and so on.

The sun's rays are very dangerous and is a cause of skin cancer. Medical bodies including the American cancer society recommend sunscreens such as sun tan cream because it helps to keep away the possible development of squamous cell carcinoma as well as basal cell carcinoma. Keep in mind that some sunblock products will be washed away or diluted when water is present. The best is to re-apply the product after swimming.

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