The Best Exercises To Develop A Lean Stomach

Lean Stomach
While most men are happy to stick to the proven basics in the gym, such as bench press and deadlift, something goes wrong with their abdominal routine. Instead of following the facts, they try to find shortcuts, such as learning how to get a six pack in 3 minutes or how to get ripped overnight...

When you are trying to get lean around the waist, there are certain rules you must abide by if you want to achieve truly optimal results.
Learn the facts on how to get a six pack in 3 minutes with this gym program.

They are made up of:

1. Abdominal recovery time isn't as long as other muscles groups.

This means that you can train them more frequently than other muscle groups. Most people are able to train their abs two to three times per week and achieve fantastic results.

2. Don't overtrain your abs.

For some strange reason, many people believe that their abs require over a thousand reps per workout to get any results. This is simply not true at all.

If you were doing any other exercise you wouldn't aim for such a crazy amount of repetitions, so don't make the mistake here either.

3. Incorporate variety.

The human body will adapt to any form of training, so if you are doing endless crunches and sit-ups, you can expect to reach a plateau very fast. Use the latest pieces of equipment to throw some variety into the mix from time to time.

4. Get a balanced abs workout.

In order to develop abs which run all the way down the midsection to the waistline, you will definitely need to incorporate a variety of exercises to avoid doing too much upper abs work and too little anywhere else. Many, many people fall in to this trap without realizing it.

Develop your weaker areas first. For most men this is the lower abs. Leg raises will do this. You can then use broomstick twists to hit your oblique muscles, too.

The reason so many men end up seeing the vague outline of their upper abdominals but very little development further down, is because they put way too much attention on crunches and sit ups.

5. You don't need tons of time to train your abs correctly.

If you want to turn up the fat burning effects of any workout you simply need to increase the intensity level. This means reducing rest periods and using techniques such as circuit training. This works very well with abs routines. Most men find their abs training boring, so this keeps things interesting for them.

Instead of banking on the development of a miracle product which can teach you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes or less, put your faith in science. The latest scientific research, which is documented in today's five rules, will help you to get on the right track to a leaner, more powerful physique immediately.

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