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The Good Thing Of A Spray On Tan In Transforming The Manner In Which You Look

By Haywood Hunter

Getting a spray on tan could transform your pleasant looking skin into radiant looking skin. And unlike other beauty treatments you can have fantastic results immediately with a spray on tan . All that is required if for you to select the shade that is right for you and after a couple of hours you can have a whole new look.

Trends in fashion are changing constantly. In historical times it was not considered desirable for young elite ladies to appear suntanned. Only those who had to labor out of doors had sun baked skin, so the look was associated with the disadvantaged classes. Upper class women had to protect their whiteness from the sun at all costs. They stayed shaded wherever possible and the pursuit of white skin was the reason behind the fashion of parasols.

Everything changed with increased access to exotic holidays abroad. It became the trend for people to spend hours on the beach in sunny locations sunning themselves. When they came back from their holidays they wanted to show off and tans became a look to be desired. Suntans represented wealth and leisure. The look was further endorsed by celebrities who were often photographed in bathing suits with a spray on tan.

Multiculturalism also has had an effect on what is considered beautiful and what is not. As people become more integrated standards of beauty change as well. In multicultural societies like America or United Kingdom, you find that the spray on tan look is more desirable than in more homogeneous societies of Northern Europe, like Iceland for example.

There are several reasons why people wish to transform their appearance quickly. Personal presentation is everything in the modern world and in the workplace great importance is attached to it. Looking good is both expected and desired. Therefore preparing for a new job may be a reason for a new spray on tan or maybe important occasions such as weddings or special dates.

A spray on tan that has been applied skilfully will give very pleasing results. However, there is more that can be done to transform you looks instantly. Getting a new hairstyle can work wonders for your looks and greatly enhance your new spray on tan. There is also nothing as transforming as a set of new clothes so it may be worthwhile to head off to the shops to pick out something that will set you up very nicely.

Makeup is very critical to how you look and applied correctly you can look fantastic. However, it is possible to look hideous too if you do the wrong thing. Shade of lipstick, blush and eye shadow that worked well on you before your spray on tan can now look gaudy and tasteless on you. It may be helpful to get professional help from a beautician who can help you select the right colors for your new spray on tan.

If you are having a spray on tan for the first time, it is important to test your skin for any possible reactions. Generally a spray on tan is completely harmless to the skin. However in very rare cases, they could cause an allergic reaction. To be sure you are not affected. Apply the substance to a small indiscreet area first.

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