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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Look Into The Features Of An Audiometer

By Tiffany Gill

If you have hearing loss problems, then an audiometer is the best device to evaluate to what extend your problem is. This device can also be used to test other problems specifically those that involve the Ear, nose or the throat. This device is calibrated in decibel units which are universally accepted. The calibration is however done in regular basis to ensure that the device gives a perfect reading when in use.

The device does resemble a pair of headphones. However, it has several connections which include a special personal computer. Also embedded in this device is feedback control button. This button gives feedback signals to the PC whenever pressed. During operation, a patient is subjected to different audio frequencies which are from the audiometer. The patient then presses the button whenever they hear the sound. These different frequencies through which the patient is able to hear are than compiled to a data which is used to plot an audiogram.

An audiogram is basically a graph of the intensity of the sound in decibels against the reaction frequency in hertz. This graph is drawn with the aid of a computer. The graph will then be analyzed carefully by a medical specialist to determine at what range the patient is able to react to the sound frequencies. This will guide the specialist in administering treatment to the patient.

If you decide to shop for an audiometer, you will either go for the software or the hardware type. The software type is most common in homes and educational institutions. It uses special developed software which is installed in a computer. Data fed into this software gives the hearing range of the patient under test.

On the other hand, the hardware type comes with an embedded unit which is inclusive of a feedback button and a pair of headphones. The button gives signals back to the embedded unit as received from the patient. The pair of headphones is used to shield the patient from external noises during test this data is then fed to a special PC to produce an audiogram. This audiometer is expensive when compared to the software type.

During hearing loss diagnosis, the audiometer presents a sound to a patient which is then subjected to different frequencies. The reaction of the patient to this sound will be displayed in the computer. The doctor will vary this sound continually until they are satisfied that a complete hearing loss analysis is conducted. They will then construct an audiogram based ion these readings. The graph will then be analyzed to determine the range of frequencies where the patient is reacting to the sound. A headphone is provided to the patient to shield them from external disturbances.

During hearing loss analysis, the way through which patients respond to the sound varies. Adult patients are required to press a button while small children are provided with toys to show their reactions to the sound. Head turn can also be used to note a reaction to the sound.

Hearing loss problems are not suffered by human beings. Animals do also suffer from this problem. An audiometer is still the device veterinary doctors determining the hearing capabilities of animals. The animals are trained to respond to the sound through several practices like providing them with food, water e. T. C whenever they react to such audio frequencies.

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