Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Video Vision Tester

By Tiffany Gill

Sometimes, we tend to go to the internet if we have problems with our love life, family, friends, academics and other. We tend to rely everything on the internet already even for a very simple problem. This is because we all know that internet already have almost all the knowledge from different parts of the globe. This is also the reason why some people are turning anti social because they are not already exposed to people that even a very simple eye problem, a person will rely on online video vision tester.

Speaking of video vision testers, you will know what are the very important things to know about these online alternatives. Let us start with the benefits, for a person that is time deprived, this can be the most convenient in checking the eye. You are not anymore obligated to go to your doctor for consultations. And you can use that consultation time to spend more time with you family.

It is also your discretion on where you would want to watch the video and when will be the most convenient time. Whether you want to watch it in your bathroom while enjoying the hot tub, or would you want to have it every lunch time, it is always your call. You can even have all the time to procrastinate for it.

There are varieties of types to choose from, from color blind, far sight, near sight, accuracy and other types of exams. You can choose to try them all if you want to make sure that your sight is safe. They are also made to entertain the viewers with their background songs and presentations. And you will be challenged with their fixed time limit.

Now let us proceed to the disadvantages. The accuracy of these videos are questionable for some reasons and size of the monitor is one of them. If you are guided by a physician, everything is fixed, from the size to the color. But on videos, you cannot consider it as fixed because the size would depend on how wide or big it is.

The color of the monitor would also affect the accuracy of the subject. Not all monitors have high definition results, some of them have colors shades and these color shades would probably change the appearance of the subject. You can only know it by differentiating two monitors. This factor will make the person thought that he is color blind.

Brightness, some people prefer to have their screen fully bright and some would prefer dimmer. And with this, this will also affect the appearance of the video. Brightness may also cause another sight defect because too much brightness can be harmful.

And to remind you, you do not have enough guide from an expert while watching them. If you have problems with your vision, better go to the doctor immediately so that he can find a way as early as now. To warn you, watching those videos are very dangerous because again, intense exposure can be harmful.

Video vision tester can be an alternative, and so since it is alternative, this means that this cannot be considered as substitute for an expert consultation. To think that you cannot even buy the medicine without his prescription. Again money cannot replace your sense of sight.

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