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Causes Behind The Need For Insoles For Flat Feet

By Cornelia White

There are a number of conditions that require insoles for flat feet. Another name for this foot type is known as fallen arches. The arch can be very low or be completely flat. This list is not meant to be extensive, but will show the various ways in which a person can end up with this type of foot.

For some individuals, having a flat foot is natural because they were born with it. When they walk, pressure is placed on the inside of the foot so that alignment of the foot is not straight. They might also have parents and grandparents who walk in this manner, so it might be hereditary. In other cases it might develop as a child gets older.

If one is not born with flat feet, they might create it by wearing shoes that do not use the muscles of the arch effectively. This is common for those who wear high heels on a regular basis. When a person wears heels all the time, it can cause certain muscles to be overworked while neglecting the use of others. This can create pain and soreness if the situation is not corrected.

Weight gain is another condition that can cause fallen arches if a person did not have them before. This can be due to pregnancy or obesity, even though the weight might not even be that excessive. It all depends on the person and what their bodies can tolerate. Some people experience problems with fifty pound weight gain while others do not.

One should also keep in mind that there are certain diseases which can cause debilitation in certain individuals. Cerebral palsy is a disorder which can cause one to have fallen arches due to the weakness of the muscles in various parts of the body. For each person with this condition, different muscles are affected.

In addition to neurological problems, muscles can be put under lots of strain when they are used past their limit. If a person is into sports whether professionally or as a hobby, the constant jumping and running can be too much, causing one to have fallen arches. This is why there are a number of shoes designed to provide protection during extreme activities.

Tendons in the foot can also be overstretched which can result in a person putting pressure on the inner side of the foot when they walk. This can result in pain and tenderness which can be very difficult to handle. This is very true if the tendons are in the arch of the foot. This is why foot care is important if one wants their feet to last.

There might be other causes which can create the need for insoles for flat feet. There are many stores that specialize in shoes and inserts designed to correct certain foot conditions. Before one decides to make a purchase, it is important to talk with a foot specialist who can determine the specific causes behind one's flat foot. They can customize a solution that is right for you.

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