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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Clarifying Facts On Metabolic Makeover

By Tiffany Gill

The Metabolic Makeover or eating plan that has been designed to improve your metabolic functions by choosing foods that increase your metabolism and help aid in healthy functioning of your metabolism, also then aiding and assisting in losing weight. One also feels generally healthier and more energised if you have a well-functioning metabolism. This is really an eating plan that assesses the foods you currently consume and to in most cases completely change this to new food groups to consume.

Many years ago doctors were under the impression that all our bodies all function in the same way when it came to how our metabolism works, or how slow or how fast our metabolisms work, but over the years they have found out that this is not the case and we genetically inherit these traits from our predecessors.

There are people who are fortunate enough to be able to eat what their hearts desire and as much as they want to, without gaining any weight whatsoever, these are the fortunate individuals who have increased metabolisms, but sadly you get people who are extremely conscious of the food they consume and what and how their food is prepared, yet they still battle weight issues, these are people with slow functioning metabolisms and they struggle to lose weight or put on weight very easily, despite that they do not eat fatty foods or do not consume excess sugar.

Unfortunately there is no medication that can rectify the behaviour of your metabolism, or even aid in increasing the speed of your metabolism, this programme was then researched, designed and developed to aid individuals that have issues around their metabolism and this programme is done by means of choosing foods that increase the speed of your metabolism and allowing your body to burn fat faster for a healthier body.

Most commonly we can increase our metabolism by replacing some of the carbs that we consume, such as starches and bread, with protein specifically found in meat, dairy products and poultry and thus should also be a formula to in turn cause some weight loss, but do not completely cut out carbohydrates, as you will simply head for further dietary problems by doing so. Your body does require carbs in order to function healthily.

Even though the above is true, because our bodies are different, some people find that cutting down on animal protein, poultry and dairy products and replacing these with fresh fruit and vegetables aid them better in having an increased metabolism, so once again it simply proves how each body is different.

All the traditional foods that are low fat and considered to be diet foods, do not have much fat burning effect, thus not aiding in weight loss at all, so one should rather exclude these items from your diet, the aim to weight loss id to burn more calories and reduce fat intakes, while increasing your metabolism.

The whole aim of the Metabolic Makeover is to completely relook at the foods you currently consume and replace these foods completely with foods that aid in increasing your metabolism, ultimately resulting in a healthier you.

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Clarifying Facts On Metabolic Makeover Reviewed by Katie Grace on Sunday, December 22, 2013 Rating: 5 By Tiffany Gill The Metabolic Makeover or eating plan that has been designed to improve your metabolic functions by choosing foods that ...