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E-Cigarettes And Vivi Nova Tank Atomizers

By Leanne Goff

It was just in 2007 when e-cigarettes were introduced and today, these increasingly replace the environment-unfriendly and cancer-causing tobacco. E-cigarettes are battery-powered by which mixture of nicotine substance and other liquid solution, stimulating the same amount of smoking satisfaction to a regular cigar, is placed in a special tube or channel. A very critical part of these is the atomizer wherein the liquid solution can vaporize. You can find a lot of atomizers in the market and Vivi Nova tank atomizer is one of these.

An electronic cigarette has fewer carcinogenic effects when compared to a normal cigar. There are studies which show positive evidence on its safety but it remains imperative to recognize potential hazards of too much smoking. According tot the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, e-cigarettes are definitely safe. They are only less harmful.

In conjunction with that, there have been issues concerning the loose regulations of e-cigarettes. Concerned individuals are asking for more stringent regulatory supervision particularly on marketing and manufacturing process. Several of these have been seen and purchased online without any proof of age. And by that it means even children can easily buy one provided they have credit cards or e-banking accounts.

Regulatory agencies must take drastic actions although these are not likely to harm non-smokers from secondhand smoke especially in public areas. These are healthier options but many concerned individuals suspect these are likely to pose potential side effects on both users and non-users. Adequate studies should, therefore, be carried out despite the satisfying proofs of safety other researchers have found.

According to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration, e-cigs contain tobacco-specific nitrosamines and a certain amount of diethylene glycol. Both are toxic chemicals that are potential carrier of cancers. But with moderation, you can be safe with your nicotine-based pastime.

E-cigarettes look the same with regular cigarettes. Their only difference is that these do not need to be lit to be able to use them. Their liquid nicotine substance found inside the cartridge vaporizes through a vaporization chamber. You can puff them just like a normal cigar but without smell.

The amount of nicotine present in an e-cigarette depends mainly on the capacity of the liquid-nicotine cartridge. This can be rebuilt and even be made personalized. This is reusable but it is very important to change the battery from time to time. Cartridges are bought depending on strengths. Careful selection is highly advised especially on new users.

Nicotine liquid is not sold a piece. Consumers need to purchase this in bulk but all the other parts are obtained one item at a time. E-cigarettes are pretty expensive. Purchasing a ton of cartridges could mean a better and cheaper option.

And if you plan on buying a Vivi Nova tank atomizer, seriously compare all options for you not to waste even a dime. There are several dealers out there but buy it only from a certified vendor. You can't risk on anyone that is not recognized by the local regulatory agency.

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