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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Goji berries - practical help to lose weight

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are small fruits of a very bright red.

Although originating in China, Mongolia and Tibet, have gradually found their way to the US market (and later also to the whole Western world!) mainly due to the positive influence they wield on weight loss.

If you also have the problem of those pesky chiletti too and would you rather fix it with natural remedies, I suggest you add the fruit Goji to your daily diet. Many are aware of the extraordinary properties of Goji, but now let us dwell only on the factor "weight loss" ...

Why the Goji should help your weight loss?

goji berries weight loss

Goji berries

LOW-GLYCEMIC INDEX glycemic index (GI) is a scale of values that determines the speed with which increases your blood sugar after eating a certain food, i.e. how fast a particular food turns into sugar. People suffering from diabetes have to keep under control the glycemic index of various foods, but even if you're not prone to this condition, you should still try to eat foods with low Glycemic Index. One of the reasons why the Goji can help in weight loss is its low Glycemic Index: its value is 28, a very low value compared to the one of the most common fruits such as melon with a value of 65, grapes with 64, with orange or Apple with 42 38. Only a few fruits have a lower Glycemic Index value, how can it be the banana with 25.

HIGH FIBER CONTENT - a low glycemic index is not the only similarity that Goji has with the healthiest fruits. As they even Goji berries are rich in fiber (21%). Why is this important? Because fiber-rich foods help to maintain over time the feeling of satiety that try immediately after consuming a meal.

RICH SOURCE of minerals-the Goji is an excellent source of minerals, precious allies in weight loss. One of the most important minerals for this purpose is chromium, which has the ability to regulate and control blood sugar levels: in Goji berries there is a high percentage of chromium, which is bound to the other 21 minerals they contain. So if you should happen to eat more sugar than necessary, Goji berries you can help restore balance, stopping you to feel hungry immediately. In addition, chromium also has the ability to preserve lean muscle mass. A word of advice: when you exercise focused on developing the muscles, rather than directly on weight loss. This is because if your muscles are well trained and efficient, will be much more simple and immediate burning calories and not gain weight. Another content in ore Goji is soccer, well known for its positive effects on bones and teeth. But few know that, by later studies, a high level of calcium in the body corresponds to a low percentage of body fat.

IMPROVES the RESISTANCE LEVELS - another valuable Goji's ability is to improve your body's resistance, even in unpleasant or difficult conditions. Goji berries have a very positive effect on the circulation and oxygen usage. All this also has "related benefits": in fact, under these circumstances, would you be able to prolong your exercise and therefore burn more fat.

Research and studies about this small and sweet fruit have recognized his great potential as a positive supplement to the diet.

In combination with a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity, Goji berries are what you were trying to lose weight effectively.

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Goji berries - practical help to lose weight Reviewed by Katie Grace on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 Rating: 5 Goji berries , also known as wolfberries, are small fruits of a very bright red. Although originating in China, Mongolia and Tibet, have g...