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Friday, December 20, 2013

Key Facts About Natural Cartilage Regeneration

By Dr. Grazyna Pajunen

The concept of natural cartilage regeneration has been a source of medical controversy for some time. To clear any doubt numerous studies have been conducted in this area. Some of the researchers report that the process is actively seen in children and teenagers and is relatively slow in adults. This is because in the adults the supply of blood to this connective tissue is limited limiting repair and growth. Fortunately, several methods and products have been discovered that can enhance these processes.

Cartilage is an essential connective tissue found in the bones. The process of repair takes place at a slow rate in this tissue than in other tissues in the human body. An inadequate supply of nutrients to this tissue interferes with proper healing of wounds and injuries leading to damaged tissues. Inflammatory diseases and degenerative conditions are also major causes of complications.

Doctors use several techniques to manage this condition. However, the results obtained vary form one patient to another and while they may be effective in some patients in others it may be the opposite. There are two main approaches from which to choose from. Surgery may be used to repair the damage or cartilage cells may be extracted from other body sections then implanted over the damaged area

There are still medical experiments that are being performed. Growth hormones are being investigated for their ability to stimulate the production of cells. The healing ability of microfracturing performed by making minute hones around the affected area is another method being tested. To this end, the results obtained are very promising particularly in the treatment of the ankle and elbow. The ability of nanotubes to enhance tissue regeneration is also being studied.

Intraneural therapy has also been adopted in the treatment of various conditions. This treatment technique has been successful in arthritis. It is administered to clear the causes behind arthritis. Once these causes are cleared, the cartilage gets the opportunity to receive essential nutrients and oxygen necessary for regeneration.

A large number of people experience this problem as they age. To counter this problem, scientists have discovered a gene that is within the human body that can be stimulated to eliminate any effects related to the aging process. Numerous supplements have also been manufactured to treat this problem. These supplements are effective antioxidants that prevent illness that arise with old age. They have many essential nutrients that the body requires for proper growth.

Vitamins are known to enhance the ability of the body to heal wounds and injuries present. Therefore doctors recommend individuals to take action and make the necessary dietary adjustments that consist of all the essential nutrients. Vitamin C is an important nutrient that can be obtained from the consumption of fruits, vegetables and dietary supplements.

It is advisable to enroll for a specialized exercise program that is not strenuous to facilitate the movement of the affected joints. This helps to prevent the joints from growing stiff due to immobility. Joints are vulnerable to degeneration and the needs of their repair usually hinder the ability of the body to produce new cartilage. Natural cartilage regeneration is a slow process and requires stimulation through techniques that ensure a constant supply blood to these tissues.

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