Learn All About The Advantages Of A Eat Stop Eat Regime

By A. Bowling

With the growing economy of today, you find yourself busy with your job and you tend to grab something to eat fast in order to get back to your busy schedule. One day, you find yourself with some extra weight that you wish you did not have. In fact you don't even know how it happened. You probably wonder if you have to go on a diet. Ask yourself should you not try the eat stop eat plan and what should you consume in order to stay healthy and in a good shape.

It is essential to go back a little and think of how your body works in order for you to gain or lose any weight. How to understand the positive effects of each type of food or the negative ones? Focus first on how the body and mind work with or against you.

Feel hungry and your brain will realize that there is a shortage of food around you. Starve and your body will react in a survival method. The less you eat, the more your body feels the necessity to store fat in order to survive. Your mind and body work in this way and you need to trick them to think otherwise.

Eat regularly and in small doses, five or six times a day but not foods that contain high calories. Your body then will get used to the idea that there is a constant amount of food delivered to it and there is no need to store it for starvation period. Your body will then use all the energy gotten from the food in order to develop your muscles. The more muscles you have, the more energy you will consume.

Eat several times a day, in a healthy and controlled manner. Do not let your body starve, and at the meantime do not consume food that is high on calories. Your body needs to know that you do not starve during the day, so it will focus on using all the energy received from the food into developing your muscles, and this is where exercise is important.

Calories are more consumed during the period of rest. This means that by pushing your exercises to the limit, you allow yourself to develop more muscles during your rest and consume more calories. Do not forget to eat well in order to give your body the necessary energy to develop.

Beware of the body's cannibalism. Train too much and eat less will mean that your body will start taking the energy from the existing muscles, which will result in less calorie consumption, hence, more fat. Eat well and train well, but do not overdo one or the other.

Self motivation is the key to a healthy body, motivate yourself to do more and keep track of your main objective. By time you will get rid of the eat stop eat dilemma and you will understand perfectly what your body needs to be healthy. Keep your body healthy, and your life will be as happy as you always wanted it to be.

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